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August 17th, 2022 is National Nonprofit Day, a day to recognize the goals and positive impact that nonprofit organizations have all over the world. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations in the United States. Nonprofit organizations throughout the country work to promote awareness and offer assistance to individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford it offering services such as food banks, affordable housing, medical care, education, resources, and legal services. Nonprofit organizations often tackle some of our country’s toughest challenges.

This year on National Nonprofit Day, Kantor & Kantor is proud to recognize the work of Triage Cancer a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free education, resources, and materials on the practical and legal issues that arise after a cancer diagnosis. Triage Cancer provides education via events and resources, as well as through a one-on-one Legal & Financial Navigation Program (“LFN”) that works with people who have been diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, and health care professionals.

Triage Cancer believes that everyone should have access to the resources they need to manage their life beyond diagnosis regardless of their type of cancer, where they live, or their financial situation. Since their inception 10 years ago, they have provided more than 337,000 people with legal and practical knowledge through more than 1,057 online and in-person educational events throughout the country. Last year, Triage Cancer reached more than one million people through their educational materials, website, and newsletters.

In August 2021 I was excited and honored to join Triage Cancer’s Legal Advisory Council and have the opportunity to collaborate and partner with thought leaders and trailblazers in the cancer community. While the organization’s breadth is large, their staff is small, and they welcome and genuinely appreciate interest and volunteer participation from members of the legal community. Over the past year Kantor & Kantor has been able to help Triage Cancer in the following ways:

  • Sharing information about Triage Cancer with other networks, colleagues, and professionals;
  • Providing quick answers to substantive questions for Triage Cancer staff attorneys;
  • Donating time to speak briefly with LFN callers (with no possibility of representation);
  • Donating time to represent LFN callers on a pro bono basis;
  • Helping to develop educational materials and resources;
  • Developing a free educational webinar on long-term disability insurance for Triage Cancer’s webinar series (November 2022); and
  • Sponsoring Triage Cancer’s free educational conferences on cancer-related topics.

My entire legal career has been focused on helping people and that is exactly what Triage Cancer does for people every day. I am excited to see what Triage Cancer continues to do in the next 10 years.

If you or someone you know needs education, resources, or materials on the practical and legal issues that arise after a cancer diagnosis, contact Triage Cancer at (424) 258 – 4628 or use their online contact form.