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The pandemic has taught us that the world has changed with COVID. Those trying to recover from this deadly disease are navigating a new world with medical practitioners who are unfamiliar with the long-lasting side effects and insurers who have never been receptive to conditions which cannot be measured by an x-ray or “dipstick.”“Long COVID” […]

New California Law Goes into Effect Today Reducing Wait Times for Access to Mental Health Services

In October 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senator Scott Wiener’s (D-San Francisco) legislation, SB 221, which requires health plans and insurers to provide patients with timely follow-up care for mental health issues and substance use disorders. That law goes into effect today – July 1, 2022.Previous laws in California required Health Maintenance Organizations (“HMOs”) and insurers […]

May 12th is World ME/CFS Day

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) – also called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – is a serious and often permanent health condition characterized mostly by constant exhaustion and chronic pain. Although this condition is diagnosed hundreds of thousands of times per year in the United States, it is still not well understood. It is hardy even talked about […]

Together for Mental Health

May has been selected as an awareness month to provide education and support for Mental Health.Millions of people are affected by mental illness each year. While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health. Recognizing the increasing number of people […]

Farmers Insurance Called to Task on Homeowner Underinsurance Claims

Farmers Insurance Called to Task on Homeowner Underinsurance ClaimsMost homeowner insurance companies in California have been avoiding responsibility for often massive underinsurance in their customer’s policies, in the wake of wildfires, by saying that it is up to the insured to select policy limits. Underinsurance has been an issue long enough that now some customers […]