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World Mental Health Day 2022

make mental health & well-being for all a global priority“We must strengthen mental health care so that the full spectrum of mental health needs is met through a community-based network of accessible, affordable and quality services and supports.Stigma and discrimination continue to be a barrier to social inclusion and access to the right care; importantly, […]

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2021

This year Mental Illness Awareness Weeks runs from October 3rd through October 9th. This year Mental Illness Awareness Week will be centered around the National Alliance for Mental Illness’s new awareness campaign, “Together for Mental Health.” #Together4MH #MIAW.The focus of Mental Illness Awareness Week will be on the importance of advocating for better care for […]

Your ERISA Watch – What a Difference Discretion Makes

Your ERISA Watch – What a Difference Discretion MakesMayer v. Ringler Assocs. Inc., No. 20-1281, __, F.4th __, 2021 WL 3556473 (2d Cir. Aug. 12, 2021) (Before Circuit Judges Walker, Sack, and Menashi).This week’s notable decision demonstrates the uphill battle ERISA claimants face in litigation with insurers over their employee benefits, particularly where courts apply […]

U.S. Study Finds that Children Who Have More Screen Time are Likely to Develop Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a life-threatening, severe, and treatable type of feeding and eating disorder. It affects almost 2% of people worldwide and can cause additional health issues linked to diet, such as high cholesterol levels and diabetes. People with BED often experience feelings of extreme unhappiness and distress about their overeating, body shape, […]

Kantor & Kantor Achieves Another Victory in a Mental Health Benefits Case from Montana

In Jessica U. v. Health Care Service Corp., No. CV 18-05-H-CCL, 2020 WL 6504437 (D. Mont. Nov. 5, 2020), the court considered the residential treatment of Jessica, a 16-year-old with a long history of medical and mental health conditions. Jessica had a complicated history of gastric distress and illness which preceded her residential treatment by […]

Kantor & Kantor’s Health Team Scores Another Victory in a Denial of Residential Treatment Matter

Kantor & Kantor’s health team recently scored another victory in a matter involving the denial of residential treatment.In Doe v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, No. CV-19-05044-PHX-SMB, __F.Supp.3d__, 2020 WL 5891723 (D. Ariz. Oct. 5, 2020), Jane Doe was a dependent beneficiary of an ERISA-governed health plan insured and administered by Defendant Blue Cross […]

Eating Disorder Treatment: A Multi-Disciplinary, Multiple-Phase Approach

Eating disorders are notoriously difficult to overcome, and must be handled by professionals in multiple fields of medicine. For the best odds of successful treatment, a patient should be seen by a physician, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, registered dietitian, and others. Another aspect of eating disorder treatment not everyone is familiar with are the levels of care […]