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Our Retirement Benefits Attorneys

Lawyers Who Fight for Your Lost Pension or Retirement Benefits

As forward-thinking litigators, our pension and retirement benefits attorneys pursue individual claims or class-action lawsuits for hundreds of aggrieved employees and retirees nationwide. Our attorneys work tirelessly to fight for clients when they have been unfairly denied their company pension and other benefits, or when their plans have been mismanaged.

Kantor & Kantor’s attorneys in the firm’s Retirement Benefits Practice Group have unsurpassed decades of experience in the field of pension and employee benefits. We are passionate about the work we do to protect the hard-earned retirement savings and other benefits of employees and retirees.

Our ERISA lawyers have detailed knowledge of not only the complex laws surrounding ERISA claims but also case law. For example, Elizabeth Hopkins, the head of our Retirement Benefits Practice, is a co-editor of one of the most widely-read and respected weekly ERISA newsletters, which summarizes virtually every reported ERISA case and provides insightful analysis of ERISA trends.

Our Kantor & Kantor attorneys help you stay current with ERISA litigation and law. Read our ERISA Watch newsletter.

Types of Cases We Handle When Clients Lost Pension or Retirement Benefits

We have filed cases against companies, plan fiduciaries, and investment managers and other service providers nationwide.

The cases we handle include:

  • Employee 401(k) plans
  • Employee 403(b) plans
  • Traditional pension plans
  • Church plans
  • Other retirement benefits

In addition to a busy class-action practice, our Kantor & Kantor retirement benefits attorneys also bring claims and lawsuits on behalf of individuals who have not received the retirement benefits they were promised.

Our clients have positive reviews of our services, knowing we represented them to the very best of our abilities. We remain committed to bringing our knowledge, skills, and experience to fight on behalf of all our clients.

Undaunted in Our Commitment

Whether the defendants are companies, plan fiduciaries, or investment managers and other service providers, we will aggressively pursue the case. Our pension benefits lawyers are steadfast in our commitment to represent our clients skillfully and compassionately.

Get to know our Kantor & Kantor team. Learn more about some of the attorneys in our Retirement Benefits Practice Group: Elizabeth Hopkins and Susan Meter.

Our Retirement Benefits Attorneys Also Have Extensive Experience Litigating in Federal Appellate Courts and in the U.S. Supreme Court

We are prepared to argue cases at every level, including bringing cases to the Supreme Court. The head of our practice, Elizabeth Hopkins, has successfully briefed more than 100 cases in federal courts of appeals, argued dozens of those cases on appeal and filed dozens of petitions for certiorari, opposition brief and merits briefs in the Supreme Court.

We filed a petition for writ of certiorari in Metzgar v. U.A. Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 22 Pension Fund, an important case from Western New York concerning the ability of plan trustees to cut back pension benefits through a “reinterpretation” of plan terms. Our pension benefits attorneys have filed friend-of-the-court (amicus curiae) briefs on pension and other ERISA issues in the Supreme Court and elsewhere in cases such as Intel Corp. Investment Policy Committee v. Sulyma and Thole v. U.S. Bank N.A.

Sample Briefs Submitted by Kantor & Kantor to the Supreme Court

Examples of Current Cases Handled by Our Pension Lawyers

Learn about our litigation and updates on current cases.

How Our Pension Benefits Lawyers Can Help You

Turn to Kantor & Kantor to Fight for Your Pension and Retirement Benefits

Legal issues resulting from ERISA are quite complex and require legal expertise. Our pension lawyers have many decades of experience, including at the federal Department of Labor, and an in-depth understanding of ERISA and state and federal laws regulating retirement benefits.

Our Retirement and pension lawyers at Kantor & Kantor take on corporations and fiduciaries nationwide.

If your employer or plan administrator denied you retirement or pension benefits, mismanaged your retirement savings or reduced the amount payable to you, contact us at 818-886-2525. Our pension attorneys may be able to help you recover the money owed. We have the skills, tenacity, and experience to handle retirement benefits claims.

Elizabeth Hopkins

Attorney Elizabeth Hopkins

Elizabeth Hopkins is a senior partner at Kantor & Kantor. After a long and fulfilling career at the United States Department of Labor, where she gained substantial experience working on pension, healthcare, and other ERISA issues, she joined the firm in 2018. She represents clients who have been denied a pension, healthcare, disability, and life insurance benefits. She has practiced in the ERISA field since 1989 and is a passionate, knowledgeable, and creative advocate for those who have been denied the employee benefits to which they are entitled. [Attorney Bio]