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Our Lawyers Fight Insurance Denials of Cancer Treatment

Has Your Insurance Denied Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments?

After the shock and sadness of receiving a cancer diagnosis, you probably turn your attention to treatment and don’t think twice about your insurance company’s covering the costs. This is particularly important when the treatment you receive can save your life. However, if your insurance company denies your chemotherapy or radiation treatment, you may not know what to do next. It can be hard to fathom why an insurance company would deny a claim for life-saving cancer treatment. This is not a time in your life when you should have to fight to get the medical care you need.

Our team at Kantor & Kantor understands the anxiety and distress caused by an insurance denial of cancer treatment. We also know how to advocate for you and hold your insurance company responsible for the coverage your health insurance policy or plan provides. You deserve the best legal support possible when your chemotherapy or radiation claim is denied.

Wondering what to do when you face insurance denial of chemo or radiation? Turn to our attorneys at Kantor & Kantor. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders and fight your legal battle so you can focus on the treatment of your or your loved one’s cancer. Call 818-886-2525 to get help today.

Why Choose Kantor & Kantor?

Our Winning Strategy Has Helped Thousands of Policyholders

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can take a major toll on your mental and emotional well-being. In instances where your insurance provider rejects your claim for radiation or chemotherapy, this not only slows or denies your access to the appropriate cancer treatment but also places you and your loved ones in an unsettling and frightening situation.

At this time, it is essential to secure the best legal representation for your case. When you choose Kantor & Kantor, you can be sure you have an attorney who understands how to fight the denial of a chemo or radiation claim. Our team has a long history of victories for clients who were wrongly denied coverage by insurance companies. We are a well-respected, distinguished law firm focusing on insurance law, specifically targeting health insurance bad-faith claims.

There are several compelling reasons you should have Kantor & Kantor in your corner when you face a bad-faith claim concerning the denial of a chemo or radiation treatment claim.

Our Extensive Experience and a Track Record of Success

We have garnered substantial expertise with a legal tenure spanning over two decades. We have a proven history of contesting unwarranted insurance claim rejections, including achieving victories in cases involving the denial of cancer treatment. Our skillful attorneys possess an in-depth comprehension of insurance law, encompassing the intricacies and distinctive challenges linked to claims involving chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer.

Client-Centric Approach

In a landscape where insurance companies often view claimants as mere file numbers, Kantor & Kantor sets itself apart by approaching each case with a personalized and compassionate touch. Our empathetic legal team understands the obstacles you confront. We also are quite familiar with the emotional strain that accompanies a cancer diagnosis for both you and your loved ones. Your needs are always at the forefront when we take on a legal battle for you.

Meticulous Attention to Your Unique Case

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each case, we adopt an individualized approach for every client. We are attuned to the emotional and financial toll that insurance bad faith can exact on you and your family. We pledge our full attention to your experience as we assess the details of your claim. We’ll develop a customized legal strategy that aligns with the needs and desired outcome for you and your family. We prioritize open communication and ensure that you remain well-informed throughout your legal proceedings.

Fearless Litigation

Unlike law firms that shy away from courtroom confrontations, we don’t flinch in the face of a challenge. We rise to it and prepare each case as if it will go to trial. Our litigation skills and experience in court frequently translate into triumph for our clients.

Insurance companies know which law firms are more likely to settle outside court to avert protracted legal battles. In these cases, they often provide unreasonably low settlement offers. However, when these companies face attorneys from Kantor & Kantor, they recognize the prospect of a substantial legal battle and a potentially large loss. Bad-faith denial of coverage for chemotherapy or radiation can be an expensive case to lose in court.

That’s why you need Kantor & Kantor on your side: insurance companies fear us. Rather than face an expensive legal fight in court that they know they can lose, they are more likely to make a fair settlement offer.

Respected Reputation

Our standing within the legal arena is synonymous with our unwavering dedication to championing our clients’ rights. Ask judges, our fellow attorneys, or mediators about their preferred choice for handling bad-faith claims, and the answer is likely to be the same: Kantor & Kantor. The respect we command is founded upon our unwavering commitment to fighting for our clients’ best interests.

Our team of attorneys will put your worries to rest. You can depend on our legal skills and find assurance and support in our compassion for your situation. Let us handle the legal fight so you can focus on your battle with cancer.

Insurance Claim Denials Are at a High Point

Business practices at insurance companies have shifted toward saving money through new internal processes for claim reviews. These changes mean claim reviews require less time spent on each claim. However, this also results in an increased number of denials. These denials, including denial of chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, are at a stunning level. Some companies deny as many as 30%, even 50%, of their claims! One particular form of specialized and targeted radiation treatment is proton beam therapy. Doctors recommend this treatment for certain tumors because it is clearly the best and safest form of cancer treatment. Yet, insurers too often deny coverage for the treatment.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Chemotherapy and Radiation Claims?

In the analysis of denials, it was found that 14% were denied because the treatment or procedure was deemed “excluded” by the policy, while 8% were denied because preauthorization or a referral was necessary but not provided. Additionally, 2% were denied because the treatment was deemed not medically necessary. What stands out is that a significant portion of denials, specifically 77%, were classified as “all other reasons.”

When time spent by medical reviewers on claims costs insurance companies money, they not only look to protect profits by denying claims but also insist that reviews – and denials – happen faster. This may be through the assistance of automated processes or by rushing their medical reviewers to do the impossible, all while pressuring them to deny, deny, deny. The Washington Post reported that one insurer had a job position called “Denial Nurse,” while another clearly had a defective denial process2. It denied treatment for a heart procedure because spinal injections were not covered, even though the procedure did not involve spinal injections.

Work with our chemo and radiation treatment denial attorneys at Kantor & Kantor, and we can research your denied cancer treatment claim. If there are any bad-faith practices, we can uncover why your claim denial was unjust. We’ll fight hard on your behalf, and you can depend on our reliable tactics in our history of winning cases.

What If Your Appeal Is Denied?

Did You Appeal the Denial of Your Chemo or Radiation Treatment, and it Failed?

Our attorneys know how to fight insurance companies that deny health claims. This means we also help clients who started the battle for denied treatment before coming to us. If you filed an appeal of the denial of your chemotherapy or radiation and that appeal was denied, it’s not too late for our team at Kantor & Kantor to help you. We understand the details of the appeals process and know the law. If your appeal was denied, we may uncover ways that denial was unjust and done in bad faith.

Just as initial claim denials may be unfair, denials at the appeal level may also be lacking in any legally justifiable reason. The focus on evaluating claims quickly instead of thoroughly has resulted in reasons for denial listed above and some that don’t make sense. For example, ProPublica did research into one company, CIGNA, and found it uses an automated system for the denial of claims, which shows a clear pattern of proclivity toward denials3. CIGNA had medical reviewers depend upon their automated system to speed up their process to the tune of 50 denials in the space of 10 minutes. A full review of medical records in an appealed claim denial for chemo or radiation coverage could hardly be sufficient when it happens in less than 30 seconds.

This example shows that companies may not be evaluating claims fairly. Their expedited approach, which may lack any reasonable effort at a medical review, gives our team at Kantor & Kantor even more opportunity to win your claim. When we can prove that the denial of your appeal for your chemo or radiation claim was unreasonable, if not unfounded, we may not only win the coverage for the costs of your treatment but additional amounts to provide relief for your added suffering.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Why You Need Legal Representation for Denial of Your Chemo or Radiation Treatment

In the face of such data about denials, it is clear that insurance companies work hard to find reasons to deny chemo or radiation treatment claims and protect their revenue. When profits come before patients, the latter suffer. We don’t want you to be denied the health care you desperately need for your cancer treatment. Let our experienced attorneys help you battle your insurance company. We know the tactics they use to deny claims, and we have winning strategies to overcome them.

Delay in your cancer treatment can have a tragic outcome. When a denial of chemo or radiation not only harms your quality of life, but threatens your very existence, the urgency of your fight is heightened.

Make the best choice possible to fight your denied chemo or radiation claim. Turn to Kantor & Kantor, and do so today. The cost of your cancer treatment denial is too high. Let us help you. Call 818-886-2525 today.


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3 Rucker, Patrick, Maya Miller and David Armstrong. “How CIGNA Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them.” ProPublica. March 25, 2023.

Attorney Glenn Kantor, California

Attorney Glenn R. Kantor

Glenn Kantor is a founding partner of Kantor & Kantor LLP. As a young attorney, Glenn saw the injustice of wrongful insurance denials and created a law firm to represent individuals seeking to obtain their rightful benefits. Glenn is committed to ensure that clients receive the benefits they are entitled to under their insurance policies or group health plans. [Attorney Bio]