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"In battling for disability benefits, they're versed in my illness which makes them not only better suited to help but empathetic to my difficulties as well."
Perry N.
    "I will definitely call Mr. Kantor to represent us in the future"

    We talked to several different firms before I made the choice to talk to Kantor & Kantor. My husband and I were having a hard time dealing with The Hartford and LTD denial. Mr. Kantor spoke with us directly and told us how to handle the appeal letter. He was honest in telling us he did not think we needed an attorney yet. He gave us guidelines for our letter and gave us suggestions on our steps to take. Sure enough, he was correct! The Hartford reinstated my husband’s LTD payments within weeks of us sending the letter. I will definitely call Mr. Kantor to represent us in the future.

    Categories: Long Term Disability Benefits
    "There is a special place reserved in Heaven for them. AAAAAA++++++!"

    Our daughter has been critically ill with anorexia the past 2.5 years. Lisa Kantor and the entire K&K team have been supportive to our family. Their practice is incredibly giving, compassionate and dedicated to upholding patients and families with eating disorders. There is NO better legal advice to be gained than K&K when it comes to advocating and/or litigating for health insurance coverage to treat eating disorders. There is a special place reserved in Heaven for them. AAAAAA++++++!

    David S.
    Categories: Health Insurance
    "We recommend Elizabeth Green without any reservations"

    There's not much more scary than your teenager being hospitalized with the most deadly of all mental health illnesses, anorexia. While around 20% of all patients diagnosed with anorexia eventually succumb to the disease, insurance companies (for us it was United Healthcare) who are paid large premiums deny life saving treatment to patients. That's when you call Kantor & Kantor! After we had tried everything we could to get UHC to do the right thing, we contacted Elizabeth Green at Kantor for help. Elizabeth was compassionate, understanding, patient and very communicative with us as she guided us through each step of how to handle everything related to dealing with UHC and what we needed to do to prepare for filing a lawsuit. It took 3 years of shear determination to never let down our collective guard with Elizabeth leading the way. We received a judgement in our favor with the judge chastising UHC in a strongly worded decision that will hopefully be used by other families seeking to make insurance companies responsible for paying their share for life saving eating disorder treatment. Best of all, our teen is doing well now!

    We recommend Elizabeth Green without any reservations to have on your side against the biggest insurance company bullies out there!

    Leslie K.
    Categories: Health Insurance
    "Calm, Accessible, and Extremely Skilled"

    Although I am a lawyer myself, I was surprised at how shocked and vulnerable I felt when my employer's LTD carrier denied my claim after having paid me three years of benefits. Because of my disability and my lack of experience in insurance law, I knew I needed experienced representation. I interviewed several lawyers and decided on Corinne Chandler at Kantor & Kantor. What initially impressed me was her manner and her experience representing insurers. As time went on, I found her to be calm, accessible, and extremely skilled. She was able to reverse the insurer's decision on the first appeal without the need to get into litigation. She literally saved me from financial ruin. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

    Jackie T.
    "Extremely Knowledgeable, Caring, and Honest"

    Kantor and Kantor is a great firm to work with. I worked with both Andrew and Corinne, and they were great. I cannot recommend them enough if you need an attorney for your long-term disability case. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, caring, and honest. They go above and beyond and I can’t thank them enough. Having a legal case pending is an extremely stressful thing, especially when one has a disability. Having people who care on your team makes all the difference. 5+ stars

    Cory B.
    "Kind and Patient"

    The team at Kantor and Kantor, particularly Andrew Kantor and his Intake Specialist Amy, have been kind to me, and patient with my many questions and concerns. In battling for disability benefits, they're versed in my illness which makes them not only better suited to help but empathetic to my difficulties as well. They're also pragmatic, and don't sugar-coat the legal realities.

    Perry N.
    "Out of this world"

    Owners and HR Administrators are out of this world.

    Carmen S.
    "Mr. Kantor was very professional & knowledgeable"

    I was denied a claim by an insurance company saying that I was no longer eligible for that claim, even the insurance company continued to collect monthly premiums from me for over 6 years. I was recommended to Kantor & Kantor and they agreed to meet me at my convenience. Even though my claim was not that large of a settlement, Glen Cantor himself, met with me and expressed that I was being wronged by the insurance company. Mr. Kantor was very professional & knowledgeable with his explanation of the situation I was encountering.

    During the hearing, I also worked with an associate, Brent Brehm, who handle my case extremely well. He knew all the facts of my situation and countered the opposition quickly with accurate, appropriate responses. I got what I wanted from my case and this was due to the professional representation I received. Again, I did not know of this group but through a recommendation and then looking them up on the internet. If you have any problems with an insurance company, I would highly recommend that you contact Kantor & Kantor.

    Pat H.
    "I highly recommend consulting Kantor & Kantor if you have a disability insurance issue"

    When my wife's disability insurance was cut off, we knew that if we appealed by ourselves, the big insurance machine would chew us up. Thankfully we were referred to Kantor & Kantor. In the first phone call with Kantor & Kantor demonstrated immediately that they knew the games that our insurance company plays and how to win. After prevailing in the case, Kantor & Kantor continues to be in touch to make sure that payments continue. I highly recommend consulting Kantor & Kantor if you have a disability insurance issue.

    "If you are mulling over an insurance problem, I definitely recommend you contact Kantor & Kantor!"

    Have to share my great experience with Kantor & Kantor. I needed advice on a long-term-care insurance issue. I was doing internet research late at night and found the Kantor & Kantor website; I could see they were very experienced in insurance litigation. So I filled out the easy "Contact Us" form, and within minutes I received an e-mail confirmation that an attorney would contact me soon. Sure enough, the very next day, I received an e-mail from Glenn Kantor. We then spoke on the phone and he was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly to boot. Glenn had the answers I needed. If you are mulling over an insurance problem, I definitely recommend you contact Kantor & Kantor!

    Jennifer K.
    "My experience with Kantor & Kantor was excellent"

    My experience with Kantor & Kantor was excellent. Andrew and Glenn believed in me and worked relentlessly for the successful resolution of my case. And on a personal level, they and their colleagues saw me through a very rough patch and I'm most grateful.

    Gerald V.
    "If you have questions about retirement, disability, or insurance, call them!"

    I highly recommend this law firm!

    After my father died and I realized that there were some issues with his life insurance, I started "law firm shopping" as it were. I am so thankful that I chose Kantor & Kantor, LLP. They were responsive to my initial inquiry and quite kind during what was a very tough time in my life. They listened to my story, gave advice, and took action once I hired them. They were professional, yet courteous. They took care of everything and made sure to keep me in the loop during the critical moments of my case. They fought hard for a not-so-easy case and I would recommend them to anyone!

    I worked specifically with Glenn Kantor and Brent Brehm; they were both responsive, detail-orientated, and fierce fighters (which is needed during these types of situations). They "go to the mat" for their clients and I am most appreciative!

    If you are looking for some help with your legal issues (disability, insurance, etc), I would strongly encourage you to reach out to this firm and tell them your story and see if they could help! If you have questions about retirement, disability, or insurance, call them! They could help you make an informed decision that could save your or your loved ones' distress down the road!

    Edna Y.
    "Mr. Kantor and his staff are so incredibly kind, generous, professional, and thoughtful"

    If you have a disease called ME/CFS, Andrew Kantor is THE attorney to retain to win your long term disability case. These cases are notoriously difficult to win, but Mr. Kantor is adept at beating the insurance companies at their own game by understanding the nuances of this disabling disease. Having a lawyer who understands your condition better than the medical examiners hired by LTD companies is key to winning your case. Mr. Kantor also has an impressive knowledge of cardiopulmonary testing, which often provides the definitive evidence in a ME/CFS case, yet is often used out of context. In addition to being a very skillful disability lawyer, Mr. Kantor and his staff are so incredibly kind, generous, professional, and thoughtful. He will bring peace of mind throughout your disability case. It is with my highest regard that I recommend Andrew Kantor for LTD cases involving ME/CFS – there is no better choice!

    Caroline E.
    "Mr. Kantor. You are a rarity."

    Over the past few months, Andrew Kantor has helped me so much; there are no words to describe his generosity, smarts, or experience. He was recommended to me by a professional medical organization because my employer's short-term disability administrator (Sedgwick) was giving me a really hard time. Andrew Kantor is very knowledgeable and gave me the courage to keep going, all the while providing me with great, and I mean great advice. And he did not charge a dime; I would have been more than happy to pay him for his advice but he declined. He answered questions both via email and telephone, I never felt rushed or that he didn't really care. Through his guidance and patience, I am now approved for STD for many months, and I will hire him when the time comes for LTD, at which time I will need to bring him on board formally. It is refreshing and wonderful to have my faith in humanity restored. Thank you, Mr. Kantor. You are a rarity.

    "He got me the full settlement I was hoping for"

    I can't say enough good about Glenn Kantor and his firm. It's not really all that difficult to find a skilled attorney and certainly, Glenn and all his associates qualify as that. What sets this firm, and Glenn in particular apart is an honest desire to help "the little guy". This was demonstrated right from the start when Glenn took time away from a family celebration on a Saturday to meet with me. I was favorably impressed with the office as a whole but even more so when I noticed the prominent stack of toys in the corner of his personal office. He goes out of his way to put you at your ease. He got me the full settlement I was hoping for, which needless to say pleased me greatly, but I would recommend him even if it hadn't gone that way. This firm demonstrated all the professionalism you want in an attorney along with the genuine humanity you need when you're going up against a brutal corporation. My daughter was recently in a similar situation and I told her not to consider anyone else. You really can't give a better endorsement than that.

    Bonnie B.
    "I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case"

    Deciding to be represented by Kantor and Kantor was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Everyone I dealt with was professional, knowledgeable, and excellent at their jobs. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and would very highly recommend them to anyone.

    "They focus on the details"

    Amazing firm! Tim Rozelle is a truly compassionate individual. His work ethic and drive were visible in his willingness to be available outside of normal work hours and even on weekends. They focus on the details and were able to help us obtain the care that will improve and extend my wife's life! Thank you!

    "Corrine has always treated me better than if I were family"

    Corrine Chandler has been my attorney for more than seven years, Corrine is an excellent, extremely knowledgeable, very competent attorney. In addition, Corrine is very personable; Corrine has always treated me better than if I were family, answering every one of my questions and concerns quickly and accurately. Corrine helped me navigate what could have been a very stressful situation. It's tough enough going on disability, it is stressful with the uncertainty of obtaining benefits that you are entitled to from any large company for me, and probably most individuals is a daunting task. Corrine and her team have always been there at every turn. The peace of mind knowing that someone is there to fight for your rights, leaving you to focus on your condition is priceless. I highly recommend Corrine and her team at Kantor & Kantor.

    "I highly recommend Glenn and his team without hesitation"

    Glen Kantor and his firm are very thorough prompt and responsive. It was very easy to work with him throughout my case without any issues. I provided the information and the documents in the beginning that he was needed and he and his team worked at lightning speed to get my case filed and resolved. My case was very unique since United Healthcare denied coverage for Harvoni, new HCV Medication, and my condition and liver cirrhosis were rapidly deteriorating. In an era of a newly available cure and medical guidelines changing by the moment, Glenn and his team were on top of it all. His level of responsiveness and accuracy combined with his knowledge of the very specific laws are amazing and on point. I highly recommend Glenn and his team without hesitation. If I have any issues in the future he is the only one I will call for help.

    "Professional, courteous, ethical, patient, nice, and still represented me well"

    Mr. Kantor and his entire firm took a very difficult and complicated case and used their unique experience and backgrounds to resolve a truly tangled mess for me regarding ERRSA law. They were communicative, worked with and around my disabilities with patience and a good bedside manner, and shielded me from the parts I didn't need to and shouldn't have been involved with. everyone I worked with was professional, courteous, ethical, patient, nice, and still represented me well in a very difficult court case.

    Talana O.
    "Thank God and thank you, Kantor & Kantor."

    If it wasn't for Kantor & Kantor I would have very literally died. Thank God and thank you, Kantor & Kantor. You made a real difference during a tough time which made a real difference.

    "Truly a standout practice"

    Truly a standout practice helping individuals get the benefits or care they are due when insurance companies deny before treatment providers authorize step down.

    Tera L.
    "Exceptional lawyers."

    I highly recommend Liz Hopkins and Sue Meter. Very professional and very helpful. Wonderful to deal with too! Exceptional lawyers.

    "Very thorough and strongly fought for me."

    I highly recommend the law firm of Kantor and Kantor. I was recently represented by Glenn Kantor and Brent Brehm. They were very thorough and strongly fought for me. I really appreciate the work they did on my behalf.

    Susan B.
    "Hands Down the Best"

    I owe them my life. They helped me get all my benefits that I was owed. I was on the brink of being homeless. Thank you Kantor & Kantor!! Hands down the best!

    Joseph K.
    "This is the firm you should contact first."

    This is the firm you should contact first.. the firm has one goal and that is to protect defend and win your case with you on their mind- super friendly and available 24/7!

    Malek F.
    "Lisa and her team are the best in class in the country"

    Lisa and her team are the best in class in the country in dealing with ERISA law issues. Throughout the process, Lisa was compassionate, forthright, and communicated clearly. Her prominence in this field of law (appearing on the floor of Congress) and her meticulous analysis yielded great outcomes.

    Kenneth G.
    "Extremely helpful and communicative"

    This attorney group took on my wife's six-year-old insurance claim and got her a good settlement. They were extremely helpful and communicative.

    Robin R.
    "Helped me get a great settlement."

    I have been disabled since 2015. My disability insurance company denied my claim. Kantor & Kantor represented me and with little work required by me, helped me get a great settlement. Thank you Kantor & Kantor.

    Gary P.
    "I am very pleased with the work that Glenn did for me in this matter."

    I first met Glenn when I was considering disability due to health concerns that were preventing me from doing my job. He carefully reviewed my situation, including my employer's disability policy, before advising me on the feasibility of obtaining disability benefits. Once I decided to go on disability he worked with me to make sure that I received the benefits available from the state of California and the employer's private disability policy. Later on, he advised me on how to go on long-term Social Security disability. He also intervened when the employer's disability insurance company threatened to terminate my benefits. As a result of his efforts, and those of his staff, I was able to collect disability benefits during the entire time I was unable to work. I am very pleased with the work that Glenn did for me in this matter.

    Mitchel K.
    "Always replied to my questions and concerns"

    I feel so lucky that I hired this office to handle my long-term disability case. I searched online and found this office. Brent Brehm handled my case very professionally. He carefully reviewed all the details of the case and followed up very closely. He always replied to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Eventually, my case was nicely settled. Thank you, Brent!

    Ren S.
    "Knowledgeable, professional, honest, and thorough in my representation"

    Kantor and Kantor did an excellent job in representing me in my ERISA disability appeal. They were knowledgeable, professional, honest, and thorough in my representation. The result was that my benefits were reinstated.

    E. Stewart
    "Nearly eight years later Lisa remains an advocate in my life"

    Lisa Kantor, of Kantor and Kantor, single-handedly took on my former insurance company, United Behavioral Health, over their neglect and denial of care for my life-threatening eating disorder. Nearly eight years later Lisa remains an advocate in my life and in my care, and I have no hesitation in saying that were it not for her, and her excellent, intelligent, thorough work, I would not be alive today. Today I'm in early recovery from a 19 year, life-threatening eating disorder. It nearly took my life. Lisa changed that.

    Sofia B.
    "I would highly recommend them to anyone with an insurance claim"

    As you can imagine dealing with a claim enforcement from a large company is almost impossible. The legal representation I received from the law office of Kantor & Kantor (Alan Kassan and Brent Brehm) was top-notch. They kept in touch with me as necessary providing me updates and explaining to me the nuances of my case in simple terms given all their complexities. I want to thank them both again for their professionalism and knowledge. I would highly recommend them to anyone with an Insurance claim. Thank you for the favorable outcome.

    Alex T.
    "I would definitely recommend him and the firm to any of my family members or anyone who needs a good lawyer to get the job done"

    Mr. Glen Kantor and his firm are very thorough and responsive. It was very easy to work with him throughout my case without any hiccups or delays. I provided the information and the documents at the beginning that he required and he did the rest of the work until the end of my case. My case was very unique since CIGNA denied coverage for my Three-Level Artificial Disc Replacement in the lumbar section of my spine in Germany due to the FDA’s stand on multi-level disc replacement as being an “unproven procedure”. I had to pay out of pocket to have my surgery done in Germany and Mr. Glen Kantor was able to work with me on my case against CIGNA thousands of miles away from the States. I would definitely recommend him and the firm to any of my family members or anyone who needs a good lawyer to get the job done.

    Hamed G.
    "Glenn Kantor has proven himself to be an invaluable resource and a kind heart"

    I reached out to Glenn Kantor after being rejected for my LTD. He immediately got back to me, scheduled a call, and gave me key pointers on what to and what not to include in my appeal. I sent him a draft of my appeal and he suggested edits (all free of charge!). I am currently waiting to hear back from my LTD, but in case things don't go smoothly, I will reach out to Glenn without hesitation to take on this case- as he has proven himself to be an invaluable resource and a kind heart. Many thanks, Glenn for all your help!

    Noah B.
    "They had my best interest in mind"

    When I contacted Kantor & Kantor I was in a desperate situation and from the initial conversation I felt that they had my best interest in mind. Brent Brehm was always positive yet realistic about matters. I would absolutely call them if I ever need legal assistance in the future.

    Sandy I.
    "We were awarded the full amount due"

    Ms. Schwartz was very professional and treated us with care and concern. Although the process took time, she kept us well informed every step of the way. In the end, her expertise won the case and we were awarded the full amount due. We highly recommend Kantor and Kantor; their service is exceptional.

    Rebecca W.
    "I would highly recommend this law firm"

    My situation was regarding a private disability firm's cancellation of insurance without regard to my surgeon diagnosing a second spinal fusion surgery. I was so ill, that it was difficult to consider a lawsuit. My first conversation was with Partner Glenn Kantor. He was kind and asked quality questions. It was a relief when he decided to take on my case. I was assigned two wonderful attorneys, Brent Brehm and Sarah Demers. They carefully walked me through the process. Both of them set available during a long Zoom Mediation. I did not feel pressured to make a certain decision. During mediation, they presented me clearly with the options as they became available. That was so helpful as I had the chance to understand the impact of my decision whatever it was. I didn't understand that they couldn't guarantee me the result. But our family is very grateful for them walking alongside us and the end results. I would highly recommend this Law Firm and especially the legal team that was assigned to our case. I want to add that we had the additional element of the covid-19 added to our situation. But even with that difficulty, they handled our situation very very well.

    Teresa H.
    "Went the extra mile to explain the nuances of the case every step of the way"

    My experience with Kantor & Kantor was outstanding. I was referred to Kantor & Kantor through a family friend and I could not be more pleased with their services. Kantor & Kantor took on my complicated ERISA case and it became very clear earlier on I was in good hands. Glenn Kantor and Brent Brehm are both extremely knowledgeable and thorough, maintaining patience, compassion, and professionalism throughout our entire journey. As the main contact at the firm, Brent was extremely communicative and engaging and consistently ensured I was up to date and well informed of the case details. He responded to any questions or concerns quickly and went the extra mile to explain the nuances of the case every step of the way. I am so thankful for the expertise and support of the Kantor & Kantor firm and I highly recommend their services!

    Kati F.
    "Quickly noticed his passion for working with us"

    I was pleasantly surprised to hear of a local attorney with experience working with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. I appreciated the complimentary phone consultation and quickly noticed his passion for working with us. To my surprise, I learned that he also meets with the Solve ME/CFS Advisory Counsel! I think Andrew, or anyone at Kantor & Kantor, is someone to consider working with for your disability needs. A consultation would be an easy way to quickly figure that out for yourself. By the way, Susan was my first point of contact and she was absolutely perfect. She was friendly and I didn't feel like I was being a bother with all my questions. She scheduled my phone appt with Andrew and made sure to follow up with me. Thank you, Susan!

    "Treated My Case Like It Mattered to Them Personally"

    As a person with limited means suffering from a disability, it seemed like David v. Goliath taking on the insurance company. The team at Kantor and Kantor helped restore my dignity along with my benefits. I didn't want anything more than what was justly owed to me by my policy, Even though my claim wasn't a huge case, it was essential to take care of my family's daily needs. Kantor and Kantor treated my case like it mattered to them personally, I am grateful I finally made the call to Mr. Kantor. These professionals know the law!

    Randal B.
    "Not only extremely knowledgeable but also understanding of my situation was a blessing"

    My life insurance case was handled in what I found to be a very honest and professional manner. From my initial contact with Amy through the resolution with Brent Brehm and Glenn Kantor, my questions were addressed and I was able to get through the process, confident that I had highly competent attorneys looking out for my best interests.

    Dealing with the loss of a spouse is difficult enough, so having attorneys that are not only extremely knowledgeable but also understanding of my situation was a blessing.

    "My experience with Kantor & Kantor LLP was outstanding!"

    My experience with Kantor & Kantor LLP was outstanding! The service and professionalism of both the attorneys and staff were excellent, and their expertise in the area of disability law is clear. In particular, I worked with attorney Glenn Kantor who obtained unexpectedly amazing results in a long-term disability benefits case. We are so grateful to Glenn and his team for their help!

    Sarah G.
    "He clearly wanted to help and put my interests above his own"

    I consulted attorney Kantor on ERISA issues. I had not known whether litigation will be needed or not. Attorney Kantor provided such a great consultation, that the other side conceded and, at least for now, litigation is not needed. Throughout the consultation, it was clear to me that Attorney Kantor was extremely knowledgeable, and was willing to offer advice, but most importantly, he clearly wanted to help and put my interests above his own. This is an extremely rare combination in an attorney. This attorney epitomizes the best in the profession, and he has my trust and vote of confidence.

    Alex S.
    "Most caring, kind, and intelligent attorneys I've ever had the pleasure to meet and work with"

    Andrew Kantor is one of the most caring, kind, and intelligent attorneys I've ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. Especially when facing the stressful prospect of legal suit against a 70 billion revenue insurance company. I was able to resolve my situation before we had to file the case in court, but Andrew was right there genuinely happy to help guide me. Most importantly for me, Andrew was responsive at a respectable time. I know who I will reach out to anytime I'm in need of further assistance in this case or others, and that is Andrew Kantor of Kantor & Kantor, LLP.

    Kevin H.
    "They were straightforward with what they thought the outcomes would be"

    Brent and the team at Kantor & Kantor have made a difficult situation easier. Their attention to detail and compassion went a long way to helping my family and getting our situation resolved. My sister met with them originally and I was skeptical about our chances of getting my dad's insurance case resolved. I am a realistic, bottom-line person. Knowing this process would take time and patience, Kantor and Kantor, kept us up to date with the status of our case and answered our questions. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the outcome of our case and their attention to detail. We had concerns as most people would, but they were straightforward with what they thought the outcomes would be. Brent was our point of contact and he answered our questions and made us feel at ease. I would recommend Kantor and Kantor and their team to help me with my retirement and insurance questions.

    Amanda B.
    "The appeal was won and I am not sure where I would have been without them."

    My journey has been unpleasant and challenging! Trying to vent through my health issues and “doing what’s right” found me in the hands of attorneys. This firm came to me through a trusted recommendation. At wit's end, I was not sure what to do. It was recommended that I contact Kantor & Kantor. I spoke with Andrew Kantor and within our first phone conversation, I finally felt like I had someone in my court. He listened to my story, showed empathy for my journey, and immediately took me under his wing. He not only gave me comfort he touched my heart with his kindness and words of hope. Along with Andrew, I have also been working with his associate Beth. She too was amazing. She was patient and detailed. Beth had to go through a lot with me, and since my health issues compromised some of my skills, I was so grateful! Fast forward, the appeal was won and I am not sure where I would have been without them.

    Rosanna O.
    "Very Patient and Understanding"

    Fantastic communication great people. Very patient and understanding. Excellent results.

    Kevin B.
    "Always doing the right thing by her clients."

    We would highly recommend hiring the Kantor and Kantor law firm. We found them based on extensive internet searches, after interviewing several competing firms, and we are so glad to have selected them to handle our case. They assigned the absolute best attorney to our case, Jaclyn Conover, who had significant experience on the opposing side and actually worked for insurance companies before so she knew exactly how to approach our unique bad-faith case. The firm's systems for conference calls, scheduling meetings, and disbursing payments were all very smooth and professional. Our experience with Jaclyn could not be expressed in words. She embodies a true expert in the insurance field and is a tough negotiator - always doing the right thing by her clients. She allowed us to feel comfortable in a situation that was so stressful and difficult to navigate and used her skillset to obtain the best possible outcome for us. This firm is truly lucky to have such a responsive, hard-working, and top notch attorney on their team. We also appreciated Jaclyn's ability to communicate legal processes and expectations clearly with us, and she did not create any doubt in our minds as to what the best path forward would be. Kantor and Kantor took on our case and believed in us the entire way through, securing a favorable outcome that gave us a peace of mind.

    Kimia K.
    "Life Changing Outcome"

    I cannot recommend this working with this firm more highly. I began a medical leave in Feb 2020 to focus on diagnosing and treating worsening complex chronic illnesses and applied for STD benefits through my employer immediately. I was denied by the insurance company quite quickly and then found Kantor & Kantor to help me appeal the denial. Towards the end of my leave, it was clear that my illnesses were severe enough that I was going to be unable to return to work, and thus I began working with the firm as a long-term client to handle my case. Over the past 22 months, they've handled all administrative aspects of dealing with the insurance company in the appeal process and have connected me with specialized expensive medical testing and expert witnesses for my case that has also had an added benefit of helping my treating physicians better understand my disability and day-to-day impairments (and they pay for upfront for all these costs until you receive a beneficial outcome, so nothing comes out of pocket as you are working with them). Quite happily, they notified me earlier this past month that the insurance company reversed their denial of my benefits and that I would be awarded nearly 2 years of STD & LTD backpay and LTD benefits moving forward. Given that my spouse has been working multiple jobs to keep us afloat, this is a life changing outcome, and really a testament to their expertise given how hard the insurance company was fighting my case. I fully trust that they will continue to manage my case expertly moving forward, as every person I have worked with at Kantor & Kantor thus far has gone out of their way to be of assistance with so much care and attention. I have the deepest appreciation for Kelli Rice, my paralegal up until this point, and Corinne Chandler and Andrew Kantor, my lawyers. I would have completely given up without their help - emotionally, it is a highly draining and traumatic process to fight so hard for benefits while dealing with severe chronic illness, and I believe it was 1000% worth it for us to hire their assistance. I would not hesitate to heartily recommend them to anyone dealing with complex chronic illness (such as severe ME/CFS & POTS/dysautonomia) who is seeking to obtain private disability benefits through an employer. They truly understand these illnesses and how to advocate effectively for those of us affected by them.

    Ella K.
    "Your kindness will never be forgotten."

    Dear Glenn, Several weeks ago, you graciously met with my husband and me and provided us with invaluable advice vis a vis his application for Long Term Disability and the Voluntary Transition Plan offered by his employer. Your calming presence and thoughtful guidance was so gratefully appreciated and we both felt much lighter as we left your office. We are pleased to advise you that David's application for LTD was approved the day after we met with you (sigh of relief)! Had it not been, we knew when were we would go for representation. We both want to thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit. Your kindness will never be forgotten. With Warmest Regards, Lori and David C.

    Lori & David
    "First of all, I want to express my extreme gratitude for probably saving my daughter's life."

    First of all, I want to express my extreme gratitude for probably saving my daughter's life. By staying in treatment, the improvement is remarkable. She had been in eating disorder facilities many times, and treatment had been interrupted repeatedly by Anthem Blue Cross's denying benefits. Many of the health professionals were telling me that maybe my daughter was a hopeless case. You both gave me hope. She is still struggling with some residual issues around eating, but the change in her attitude, her ability to assess her own recovery, and her wish to live instead of to die, is evident in her life. Now she is back in school, after years of having her education disrupted by the eating disorder. She goes places with friends, and even goes out to restaurants for fun! This year marked the first holiday season for many years, when she had not been in a treatment facility. Other people gave up and you didn't. I can't thank you enough. You took the action that was necessary to keep my daughter in treatment long enough for it to work.

    "I won the appeal."

    Hi Glenn- This is a very belated thank you for your generous assistance and advice last summer, when I was appealing UBH's decision for my son. I won the appeal, at least for care at the partial hospitalization level (they wouldn't budge on residential, but the facility was accepting the partial care reimbursement for residential treatment). But the appeal was a great moral victory, and I think it's a great thing to have in the record, just in case he needs to go for treatment again. Thanks again for your generous help, I was very grateful for it. Wishing you a most happy Thanksgiving.

    Terry S.
    "I am so grateful for all your efforts and I'm sure glad you were on my side fighting for me."

    Dear Alan - I just wanted to send you a special note of thanks for all your hard work on behalf of me and my case. I am so grateful for all your efforts and I'm sure glad you were on my side fighting for me.

    Tracy R.
    "Thank you a zillion times for your patience and time and absolutely helpful information."

    Thank you a zillion times for your patience and time and absolutely helpful information. You've helped me understand my position with my disability insurance and payments so much better. There is some real comfort in feeling anchored in knowledge…of what is and what might be in the future. Thanks to you!

    "Thank God for Kantor & Kantor."

    Thank God for Kantor & Kantor and Denise Anderson. I appreciate everything you do!

    Stephen S.
    "You have restored my faith in the goodness of people!"

    Thank you Glenn for accepting my case. I had all but given up on finding an attorney that was willing to take this case, and although you may not remember, I enclosed a note to you when I sent my [ins. co.] file asking you to please help me. You did that sir, and I can't thank you enough. My thanks to you Corinne for pursuing my case with vigor. I don't know much about how these legal things are handled, but I could tell by your communications with me, making sure I was always informed, that you were on top of it all. Also, you were ALWAYS available to me to answer questions, and your compassion for me and my situation is so much appreciated. I have had limited exposure to the legal system and attorneys, but I have never been able to just call and talk to them, as I could with you. I always had to speak with someone in the office that couldn't really answer my questions. My sincerest thanks and best wishes for you both You have restored my faith in the goodness of people!

    Dick H.
    "We will never forget the good you have done and may you continue to earn gold stars."

    More than your skilled expertise, uncompromising professionalism and breadth of experience, we have been immensely impressed with the sincerity, generosity and integrity with which you conducted our affairs, acted on our behalf and guided us through the sometimes confusing process. Throughout, we developed a great respect for all of you and it is our wish that both collectively and individually, you experience continued professional success and personal gratification in all that you pursue. We will never forget the good you have done and may you continue to earn gold stars.

    Lalida C.
    "I've already mentioned your firm to my family and friends and how wonderful you have been treating me."

    I've already mentioned your firm to my family and friends and how wonderful you have been treating me. Hopefully I will not ever have the need to refer someone to you because that would mean they would be in a similar situation as myself. But, if that were to ever happen, I would absolutely refer them to your company.

    Linda P.
    "Thank you for being lawyers with a heart."

    Thank you for being lawyers with a heart.

    Miriam T.
    "With you in my corner, I felt enabled and no longer alone."

    Seemingly at the end of my rope with nowhere to turn, a friend suggested I call the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, who referred me to you. From our first contact I began to feel hope where there had been none. You took over all communication with the insurance company. You kept me posted as things progressed and advised me as to each necessary action. What a relief you were! With you in my corner, I felt enabled and no longer alone. Some big insurance companies feel emboldened to take arbitrary action against those who do not have the resources to defend what is rightfully theirs. Thank goodness for people like you who advocate for folks in need. In closing, please know how very much our association has meant. You have restored my faith in the goodness of people and renewed my confidence in the future. I am forever grateful.

    Shirley G.