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Navigating a denied long-term care insurance claim can be stressful, but you don't have to face it alone. Understanding common denial reasons, like medical eligibility misinterpretations or hidden policy limitations, is crucial. Whether you're just beginning to explore Long Term Care insurance or currently dealing with a claim, this podcast is designed to be your trusted companion.

This week, Glenn Kantor returns to Talking Insurance With Kantor & Kantor to detail the process of filing long-term care claims. Join in the conversation and gain valuable insights on why claims get denied, the importance of reading the fine print to avoid disputes, and how clients can strengthen their case for an appeal.

Empowering Clients With a Strong Command of Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

With decades of experience and specialization in disability insurance claims, Glenn imparts his wisdom on tactics or negotiation strategies that can help clients deal with insurance providers during disputes. He also shares how Kantor & Kantor addresses common misconceptions in long-term care insurance claims, and preemptive measures clients can take to make a better case for their claim or appeal.

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