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FAQ: My Long Term Disability carrier offered to hire a company to assist me in obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits . . . Should I accept?

This question comes up all the time, so we thought we’d discuss it.Although it is a relatively straightforward question, the answer is not so straightforward. In short, it depends.First, it is both to your benefit and to the benefit of the insurance company or employer paying your Long Term Disability (LTD ) claim that you […]

I’ve Been Told it is “Too Late” For Me to Make a Claim For Health, Life, or Disability Benefits. Is That Right?

The correct response is, “maybe, or maybe not, depending on the facts, and the state in which you reside.”Insurance policies very often have time limits on the submission of a claim for benefits. In some states, those deadlines are VERY strictly construed, and once the deadline has passed, it does become “too late” to make […]