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Why American Teens May Develop Muscularity-Related Eating Disorders

Mental illness is often difficult to treat, especially eating disorders. This potentially deadly illness is particularly harmful in teenagers. A recent study released in the International Journal of Eating Disorders suggested that teens who exercise to gain weight can develop a newer type of eating disorder, called muscularity-related eating disorder. According to the study, muscularity-related […]

Eating Disorder Treatment: A Multi-Disciplinary, Multiple-Phase Approach

Eating disorders are notoriously difficult to overcome, and must be handled by professionals in multiple fields of medicine. For the best odds of successful treatment, a patient should be seen by a physician, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, registered dietitian, and others. Another aspect of eating disorder treatment not everyone is familiar with are the levels of care […]

Years of Legal Delays and Waste Affect New Jersey State Employees’ and Their Children Who Suffer from Eating Disorders

While this story certainly involves the denial of healthcare benefits, insurance, mental health parity, and questionable legal tactics, this is actually a story of waste at the expense of children of New Jersey state employees.GC suffered from anorexia nervosa. She received residential treatment for her eating disorder at Avalon Hills Residential Eating Disorders Program (“Avalon […]

The Growing Debate Over Orthorexia

In 1997, Dr. Steven Bratman coined the term orthorexia to help his patients realize that instead of being healthy, their eating habits were disordered. Then in 2004, Dr. Bratman expanded his theory of orthorexia in his book, Health Food Junkies.The only problem is that unlike anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, orthorexia nervosa is not an […]