Long Term Disability

Seattle Long Term Disability Lawyers

Seek Insurance Benefits Without Stress

Trying to get long term disability insurance benefits after an injury or illness debilitates you can be one of the most frustrating times of your life. Insurance companies are notorious for limiting coverage, denying claims, and otherwise complicating what should be a relatively straightforward process. You might encounter unexpected resistance the very first time you call your insurer!

To get your long term disability insurance claim moving without worrying about what will happen next, come to Kantor & Kantor, LLP. We are a team of Seattle long term disability attorneys who are dedicated to empowering the people of our communities through steadfast representation after a long term disability (LTD) or short term disability claim is denied. When an insurance company is not cooperating – or when you simply do not want to deal with legal processes alone – we can be your trusted legal guides and moral supporters.

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Who Needs Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Long-term disability insurance is a benefit that anyone can appreciate. It will help protect your financial stability if you become too injured or ill to continue working. Even if you have strong overall health now, you can benefit from getting LTD insurance. See if you are provided it through your employer. If not, then you should consider seeing if you can purchase an independent policy for yourself.

ERISA Law & Your Disability Claim

The majority of disability insurance claims are governed by the Employee Income Retirement Security Act (or ERISA). With a few exceptions, most policies are related to employment benefits. This federal statute provides various protections to employees with an intentional focus on disability insurance processes, claims, and cases.

Our attorneys are well-versed in ERISA law, which often drives other insurance attorneys away once they realize that federal law can be quite complicated. For decades, we have been representing people in their ERISA claims, and we would like to see if we can help you, too.

We will want to get your LTD claim moving sooner than later because:

  • Deadlines to file are already progressing – do not let them expire
  • Your injuries could be worsening and could cause more disabilities in the future
  • Out-of-pocket expenses could be adding up with no sign of slowing

Do you have long term disability insurance coverage not from your employer but through a private insurance policy you purchased on your own? Your case might not be governed by ERISA law, but we can still represent you. Our attorneys are familiar with disability laws and procedures in Washington.

Common Reasons for Disability Denials

Just because an LTD claim was denied doesn’t mean that the insurance company did anything wrong. There are numerous reasons that allow a claim to be denied that are within the letter of the policy and the law.

Five common reasons why long-term disability claims are denied are:

  • Missing or incomplete claim forms
  • Not enough medical evidence of the disability
  • Claim was filed too late
  • Condition/disease/illness does not meet the policy’s definition of a disability
  • Independent medical examiner disputes your claim

Problems arise when a reason is given wrongfully and used to justify the denial. For example, a medical examiner might review a claimant’s medical records but never see them for an in-person evaluation. Based on what they read, they determine the claimant is not disabled, unaware that, had they seen them in person, they would have clearly understood how and why the claimant’s condition is disabling. Our attorneys can challenge a wrongful denial, even if it appears to have been filed on suitable grounds.

Representation That Fights for Your Future

We know that your future comfort and wellbeing are reliant on the long term disability benefits you need. Do not let an insurance company stand between you and your health. You can take control of the situation by teaming up with Kantor & Kantor, LLP and our Seattle long term disability lawyers!

See what we mean by scheduling a no-cost case evaluation with our team. Call (877) 220-0556 today!


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