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I’ll eat breakfast.

I’ll keep a job for more than 3 weeks.

I’ll have a boyfriend for more than 10 days.

I’ll love someone.

I’ll travel wherever I want.

I’ll make my family proud.

I’ll make a movie that will change lives.

On May 26th, 2009, Melissa lost her life to a five year battle with an eating disorder. At the young age of 19, this ruthless battle that destroyed her self-esteem, her academic success, her friendships, and her family came to a crushing halt. Someday Melissa is a documentary inspired by Melissa’s journal writings. It is a story told through her mother, designed to raise awareness and expose the true nature of eating disorders.

The poem above, “Someday” became the inspiration for the film, in the hopes of helping and connecting with other eating disorder sufferers, raising awareness about the severity of the illness, and carrying out Melissa’s dreams of making a movie that changes lives.

On February 28, I had the honor of attending the NY screening of Someday Melissa. This screening was where I met and spoke with the filmmaker Judy Avrin, experienced Melissa’s story through the film, and had the opportunity to speak to the audience on the barrier of insurance issues and eating disorders.

Sharing a personal story about an eating disorder can be incredibly powerful in raising awareness, debunking popular myths about eating disorders, diminishing the stigma that surrounds eating disorders, and encouraging those who are struggling to seek out help.

Someday Melissa is a story of an eating disorder, loss, and hope. This film has been accepted into the 2012 California Independent Film Festival, and is being recognized for its unusual, powerful, and extraordinary expression of love.

Click here to learn more about this film.

We Can Help

Dealing with, and seeking treatment for eating disorders can be emotionally and financially devastating. When your health insurance company gives you a hard time, or when it denies payment for benefits, matters only go from bad to worse. We can help.

Lisa Kantor represents an increasing number of young women and men suffering from life-threatening eating disorders and dual diagnosis conditions, whose health plans refuse to pay for required treatment on the grounds that such life-saving treatment is “not medically necessary,” only necessary at a lower level of care, or is limited by plan terms.

For more information on eating disorders legal assistance, call (818) 886-2525 or click here: