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“On behalf of the EDC, I want to warmly welcome Lisa Kantor to our board. We have followed her impressive legal work on behalf of those suffering from eating disorders and are thrilled to have her on our team.” -Lisa Rachelle Lilenfeld , Ph.D. Board President

Two great forces are coming together with admirable determination, lofty goals, and the vision of generating change. Lisa Kantor has been appointed as a board member to the Eating Disorders Coalition, where she will facilitate and support the EDC’s mission: “to advance the federal recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority.” The EDC has substantial and valuable priorities that begin with promoting national awareness of eating disorders as a public health problem. Additionally, the EDC strives to increase resources for education, prevention, and improved training, as well as increasing funding and support for scientific research on etiology, prevention, and treatment of eating disorders. The EDC focuses on educating and working with congress to influence federal policymakers and the public about the seriousness of the eating disorders.

The EDC has made remarkable achievements, including the FREED Act and the Mental Health Parity Bill, advocating for the millions who suffer from eating disorders; in particular those who have been denied access to treatment by their insurance companies.

As Ms. Kantor joins the Eating Disorder Coalition, she will provide consultation to the board on legal and insurance issues related to eating disorders, as they strive to promote awareness and create change at the federal level, so that treatment can be accessible to those who so desperately need it. Together, they will be “Fighting for treatment, fighting for life.”

“Given Lisa Kantor’s notable role filing suit against insurance companies failing to comply with mental health parity laws, her addition to the board will be of great benefit to EDC’s efforts to hold insurance companies accountable.” -Jeanine Cogan, Ph.D. Policy Director

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