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Lisa Kantor of Kantor & Kantor will soon be featured in “Just Eat,” a movie produced and directed by Laura Dyan Kezman which explores the deadly world of eating disorders. Just Eat examines the havoc that eating disorders wreak on the millions of lives of Americans and their families each year. It offers an in depth interview with Lisa Kantor who shares her expertise and experience about the struggles patients face against insurance companies who refuse to pay for treatment for eating disorder treatment.

Just Eat has launched a fundraising campaign through

We encourage you to visit this website and support the production of this movie so that we can bring awareness to this deadly disease that kills more people than any other mental illness.

Laura Kezman has provided a synopsis of the movie below.

“Step into the world of a man and a woman battling for their lives. It is a day by day struggle to find treatment, support, and the will to go on as they fight a war in their minds and bodies. You’ve entered Just Eat, a film following the deadliest mental illness in America: anorexia, along with the host of eating disorders that wreak havoc on the lives of millions of Americans each year. Through the personal stories of those living with their disease, we learn of the hope that treatment provides, as well as the difficulty in obtaining proper care.

Through interviews with notable individuals we’ll explore eating disorders from the front lines of

those pioneering research, such as Dr. Walter Kaye and Dr. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer. Attorney Lisa

Kantor elevates the battle against insurance companies, being one of the only lawyers taking on eating disorder cases, while Dr. Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute for Mental Health and our lawmakers, Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) discuss how eating disorders rank on a federal level. Learn from experts Dr. Jillian Lampert and Kitty Westin, who have funneled their own experiences into advocacy and treatment access. Glamour magazine health reporter and eating disorder survivor Sunny Sea Gold shares her perspective, while Joe and Dawn

Radsek give us greater understanding of a parent’s pain.”

Deconstructing the myths around eating disorders through interviews and following real lives helps bring reality closer. Popular culture portrays vain, glamorous, young women preening over the perfect body as self-indulgent “victims” of this real disease.

The truth is eating disorders affect both men and women. For females of African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, and White descent the overall prevalence of eating disorders is equal. Taking the focus off stereotypes and turning it towards the facts will create the awareness necessary to tackle this epidemic.

Anorexics are likely to die at a rate of 18x their peers if they are diagnosed in their 20’s, making it by far the most deadly mental illness. Over 4% of all Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. We know that this is a high rate of incidence, yet why in 2011 did the National Institute of

Health spend $84 per afflicted individual with schizophrenia compared with only $.93 per afflicted with eating disorders? Just Eat will face the facts and ask the questions: why is the deadliest mental illness the least funded and the most ignored?

We will take the messages of those in this movie to the public at large through entering various film festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, Athena and a coordinated tour of US college campuses. We hope the stories we share, the information we provide and the questions we ask and answer will get a dialogue going in America on how best to address the questions of eating disorder prevention, treatment, and funding.”