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The Kantor & Kantor firm is proud of a recent successful appeal we won for a client with back pain and severe depression. The client has degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine causing back pain when he sat for longer than a few hours each day.

The constant back pain caused the client to be plagued with intrusive thoughts that he would always be in pain and would never live a normal, pain-free, and healthy life. When his depression worsened, the client stopped treating his back pain because he lost hope of feeling better.

This caused his back pain to become even more severe, which aggravated his depression. The client became trapped in a cycle: the depression made him not treat the back pain, which led to worse back pain, which caused more depression.

As his conditions worsened, the client became unable to continue working as an executive. He was distracted, depressed, and unproductive at work. He made a claim for long-term disability benefits which was denied. The insurer determined neither the back pain nor the depression was severe enough to prevent the client from fulfilling his job duties.

We appealed the insurer’s denial of the client’s claim and argued the client’s pain and depression were disabling together because the simultaneous existence of both conditions caused each to aggravate the other.

The client’s therapist provided a statement that the client’s back pain was increasing his depression, causing both conditions to be worse together than they would be if they occurred separately. The insurer agreed and overturned its decision.

Kantor & Kantor, LLP, was so glad to obtain this fantastic result for a wonderful client and we hope to help many more people like him! Our commitment to a successful case win is based on a legal strategy of developing an individual approach to each case. To learn more about us, visit us at