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Today we encourage you to spend time considering the influence and impact of weight bias on yourself, the people you love, and those surrounding you. For example, how does weight discrimination drag the focus away from the self and emphasize superficial qualities, and how can we eliminate this bully from our lives? Today is dedicated to recommitting ourselves to challenging weight bias. How can you do this in your life?

Recommit to standing up for healthy body image and self-care. Recommit to ending “fat talk” so that we raise children in environments where the size and shape of their body is not a topic of discussion. Recommit to spreading truth about health and body, and exposing myths that perpetuate stigmas around weight.

Why are we raising our children to feel bad about their bodies, and to abandon talents and interests? Do we truly value one specific body type to be the only beautiful? Those predisposed to developing eating disorders are at a great risk when subjected to these ideas, behaviors, and stigmas.

We must take the responsibility to challenge the popular notions that fat is bad, fat people are bad, people who exceed a specific BMI are bad, and that only a specific body type is healthy and beautiful. One of the best ways we can take responsibility to challenge these notions is by recommitting ourselves to loving our body in its natural weight, shape and size. By living in harmony with our natural weight, shape and size, we create space and offer encouragement for others to do the same.

Share your story of how you will challenge weight-bias in your life…