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What To Do When the Insurance Company Cancels Your Long Term Care Policy?

Do not assume that the insurance company properly cancelled your policy. You should have the cancellation of coverage reviewed by a long-term care attorney. Insurance companies repeatedly cancel insurance policies in violation of the terms of the policy and/or statutory law.The most common examples of improper cancellations of coverage include the following: 1. When there […]

2017 Eating Disorder Leadership Summit Seeks to Prevent, Cure Devastating Disease

Written by Craig Kramer, Lisa Kantor, & Brian FleggJanuary 2017The second annual U.S. leadership summit on eating disorders was held January 12-13, 2017, at the headquarters of Google’s life science division, Verily, in South San Francisco, California. The summit is a meeting of top leaders from the U.S. eating disorder community with the goal of […]