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1. Did you know that we work on contingency?

We are here to help you and relieve stress, not cause you more stress or financial worry as you work to recover. For this reason, we work on a contingency-fee basis. So, what does that really mean? It means that you do not pay us a fee unless we win your case and get your claim paid. It’s simple: you win, we get paid.

2. Did you know that we write appeals when insurance companies deny claims?

As many of you know, treatment gets denied in a variety of ways -preauthorization, doc-to-doc reviews, not medically necessary, etc. And, as many of you know, there is an appeals process offered by your insurance company. You should not have to bear the burden of that stress –you have enough to worry about. We are here to do appeals for you -from the 1st level through external appeals. That’s why we’re here. We have the time, expertise, and passion to write appeals. It’s our job.

3. Did you know that we do more than only eating disorder cases?

While we have a dedicated practice to eating disorder cases, we also write appeals and litigate other mental health cases. We have experience with depression, substance abuse and more. Not sure if we’d take your mental health case? Just ask!

4. Did you know that even though we are based in California, we take cases from across the country?

While we are based in Los Angeles, our clients range from the east coast to the west, from north to south and everywhere in between. While our attorneys are not able to practice in all 50 States, we are able to do appeals (no matter what state you live in) and if litigation is necessary, our attorneys can work with local counsel to prepare your case. We’re here for you – no matter how far.

5. Did you know that we are a family business?

Yep, that’s right. We are family. The heart and soul behind this business belongs to founding partners (in both real life and professionally) Glenn and Lisa Kantor. Working together as the greatest power couple ever, they created a practice that is full of passion, advocacy, strength, and power. Power to move mountains and fight for their clients. Power to hold insurance companies accountable for their actions. Power to enforce laws and make change.

6. Did you know that our attorneys dedicate themselves to understanding the complexities of eating disorders?

Not only are our attorneys legal experts, but they go one step further to fully understand what they are fighting for. Many of our attorneys stay current on the latest eating disorder research through attending professional and family-based conferences such as iaedp (International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals), BEDA (Binge Eating Disorder Association), NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association), and EDC (Eating Disorders Coalition) Lobby Days. In order to be your best advocate, we need to know all the facts – including a thorough understanding of how eating disorders operate.

7. Did you know that we work best as a team?

From intake, to secretaries, to marketing, to attorneys – we are all here working closely as a team to help you get better. In fact, we call ourselves the “health team;” and each and every person involved in your case is advocating for your access to treatment and recovery. Eating disorder recovery can take a village, and sometimes that “village” includes insurance advocates and attorneys. Ultimately, all we want is for you to have access to the health benefits to which you are entitled, and access to the recovery journey that you deserve. Go team!

8. Did you know that our fearless leader is the country’s premier advocate for patients with eating disorders who have been denied health insurance benefits for treatment?

For more than 30 years, Lisa Kantor has represented plaintiffs on insurance matters, and her key victories for clients with eating disorders have changed California law. Lisa Kantor’s client advocacy in Harlick vs. Blue Shield led her all the way to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, creating one of the most influential decisions in mental health parity litigation and paving the way to making treatment and recovery for various types of mental illnesses attainable. A leader, a trailblazer, and what her colleagues and friends like to call her – a honey badger. She’s amazing.

9. Did you know that you can find us on Facebook?

Being active on social media is great for a few reasons. One, it’s the perfect place for information sharing. On our page you can find links to articles, blogs, resources, and inspirational pieces. Two, it’s a space for us to connect with the community – no matter how far we all live from each other. This allows us to strengthen connections, keep in touch with friends and colleagues, and lift each other up. It is a place for advocacy, support, and that oh-so-important feeling of being in this together. There is strength in numbers. Follow us here.

Maybe you knew most of these things already. Maybe you learned a few new things about what we do. Whatever the case, we want you to understand the most important things about Eating Disorder Legal Assistance: We are a team of legal experts, and we are here to help (near or far).

Whether that help is through reading one of our blog posts, calling us for a consultation, finding advice and forms listed on our website, having us write your appeal, or simply finding inspiration and strength in our presence – we are here.

We are here to help, and we are here to make change.