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MS Patient Suffers From UnitedHealthcare’s Arbitrary Denial of Lifesaving Infusions Previously Approved

UnitedHealthcare is the largest insurer of health benefits in the United States but despite its vast reach and revenue, UnitedHealthcare is refusing to approve health benefits for its own employee’s family. Jonathan Mischo is a young father and husband of a UnitedHealthcare employee who has battled multiple sclerosis (“MS”) for several years. MS is a […]

What to Look for In Your Health Insurance Policy: Lessons learned from the NPR series “Bill of the Month” – part 2 of a 2 part blog series

I highly recommend the NPR series, “Bill of the Month,” which offers an expert analysis of medical bill surprises.This month’s bill concerns jaw surgery and a hospital bill of more than $27,000. The patient, Ely Bair, had a condition requiring two jaw surgeries. The first jaw surgery went very well and Bair paid his out-of […]

NBC News Investigation: “State Finds Mentally Ill Improperly Denied Coverage for Treatment Nearly Half the Time”

An NBC news investigation has found that health plans improperly denied coverage of mental health services in 48 percent of all cases. The California Department of Managed Health Care (“DMHC”) conducts independent medical reviews of insurance health claims denied based on lack of medical necessity. The DMHC reviews have resulted in overturning more mental health […]