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Proton beam therapy – more commonly called just proton therapy – is one of the most effective radiation treatments for cancer with minimal risks of dangerous side effects. However, it is also considerably expensive, which is why insurance companies hate approving claims for it.

Did your health insurance provider deny your proton therapy treatment claim and you suspect they did it only to protect their profit margins? Do not stand for such mistreatment that threatens your health and your financial stability. Explore your legal options to challenge the claim denial with the help of Kantor & Kantor, LLP in Wilsonville. Our attorneys have focused almost-exclusively on insurance claim denials for decades, making us one of the most experienced law firms in the area for these case types.

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Chemotherapy is effective at slowing cancerous growths in many patients, but it is also extremely demanding on a patient’s health. X-ray radiation therapy can work for some patients, but it also carries some risks of radiation exposure. Proton therapy combines high effectiveness and minimal side effects into one treatment method.

Many doctors and patients alike consider proton therapy to be the optimal cancer treatment available right now. The only downside is that proton therapy sessions are expensive. Most patients require at least three schedules of treatments, each costing about $15,000. Insurance companies will try to deny a proton therapy claim simply because it is expensive.


Your insurer might deny your proton therapy claim due to:

  • Material misrepresentation: When an insurance application or renewal is completed with inaccurate information, it is called material misrepresentation in the world of insurance. A claim can be denied if an instance of material misrepresentation is significant enough to jeopardize the validity of the entire application. Some dishonest insurance companies will deny a claim and cite material misrepresentation without explaining what they mean by it.
  • Out-of-policy treatment: Some health insurance policies do not cover advanced or new medical treatments, such as proton beam therapy. If your insurance provider excludes proton therapy from your policy, then it might be difficult to challenge their denial. However, a careful review of your policy could reveal that proton therapy should be covered, at least partially. Do not assume you are out of options. Speak with a lawyer instead and see what can be done.
  • Policy caps: Given that proton therapy is expensive, it is possible that the necessary treatment sessions could surpass your annual policy coverage caps, especially if you have already required recent medical treatment for other health issues. If this is the case, then you might want to speak with your doctor about alternative treatment options now and plan for proton therapy after your policy renews and the caps reset.


It is important to once again remind you to not give up on receiving proton therapy treatments just because your initial claim has been denied by your insurance provider. There is a realistic chance that your claim was denied wrongly, either intentionally or inadvertently. With the help of Kantor & Kantor, LLP and our Portland proton therapy claim denial lawyers, you can explore the situation and decide on what to do next.

In some cases, we can issue a stern challenge letter to an insurance company, threatening further legal action if they do not reverse their denial. This strategy often works because insurance companies big and small recognize our law firm’s name and do not want to have to hire a defense attorney to go against our reputable team. When a challenge letter does not suffice, we can officially appeal the denial and take the case to court as necessary. We are here to support you every step of the way and however we can.

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