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You deserve some time to grieve after losing a loved one. You should not be more worried about dealing with a denied life insurance claim. Yet countless people across the country have to deal with stubborn insurance providers who will do anything they can to deny a life insurance benefits payout.

Our Portland Lawyer for Life Insurance

At Kantor & Kantor, LLP, we think the way that some insurance companies treat their own policyholders is inexcusable. That’s why we have dedicated our firm to managing denied insurance claims for the good people of Wilsonville. Life insurance claims can be complicated but not for our highly experienced team.

Trust your case to us. Request an initial consultation today or give us a call at (877) 220-0556.

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

You might not expect an insurance company to deny a life insurance claim filed after you lose a loved one. You might reasonably think that a death certificate should be proof enough of their passing and the validity of their claim. However, you can never underestimate just how far some insurers will go to try to deny claims and save their own profit margins.

Here are a few reasons why your life insurance claim might be denied:

  • Beneficiaries are not named in the policy
  • Death was ruled as a suicide that invalidates the policy
  • Death caused by an illness not included in the policy, like certain cancers
  • Missing monthly premiums caused a gap in coverage

The underlying problem is not so much that your claim was denied but that it might have been denied wrongfully. If your claim was valid and should have provided approved benefits but it was not, then you will need to challenge and appeal the denial as soon as you can. Let our Portland lawyers help you through a denied life insurance claim.  We can help you through this intricate legal process.

There is also an issue of unreasonably restrictive life insurance policies. Your loved one’s death might not be covered under your policy but would have been under similar policies sold by other companies. For example, an exclusion clause that does not cover deaths caused by car accidents could be argued as unnecessarily one-sided, warranting a challenge from an insurance attorney. Our lawyer for life insurance can help you challenge denied life insurance claims.


Understanding Incontestability Clauses

Life insurance policies sold in Oregon usually have an incontestability clause written into them to protect the policyholder and their families from unreasonable denials later. Most incontestability clauses state that the insurance company has two years after selling the life insurance policy to investigate any suspected discrepancies on the application and revoke the policy if any are found. If two years pass and the policy is still active, then the insurance should not have legal grounds to contest a claim, even if fraudulent activities occur.

Choose a Winning Team for Your Life Insurance Claim

Our Portland life insurance claim attorneys from Kantor & Kantor, LLP are no strangers to difficult life insurance cases. We have a long history of winning reversing denials through legal representation in and out of court. There was even a difficult case we handled for a client who lost a loved one due to an accidental cocaine overdose. The insurer tried to argue that illegal drug use invalidated the $500,000 life insurance benefit, but we stepped in and countered them at every turn. The case ended with a court finding that gave the full benefit amount to our client.

No law firm can guarantee that past case results will reflect future case results. Although, we do believe that our experience speaks for itself and tells clearly of our skills and talents.

To get an experienced life claim insurance lawyer on your side, dial (877) 220-0556!


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