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Psychological health researcher Sian McLean published a study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology speaking of the significance of intervention, regardless of age. Mclean’s study included 61 women, ages thirty through sixty, who received 8 group sessions of CBT.

This study proved to be effective, with the long term effects of intervention showing improvements in disordered eating, decreased risk factor variables, and improvements in body image– in comparison to the control group.

Mclean states that this study “provides support for the efficacy of an intervention to reduce body image and eating concerns in midlife women.”

Speaking out about eating disorders, voicing concerns, and performing interventions are all essential steps in the progression of recovery. This is additional solid evidence that the matter of eating disorders should be unmasked and uncovered, and should be treated like the life threatening disease that it is.

Although the road is uncertain and challenging, intervention and treatment works! If you have any trouble with your insurance company regarding treatment for an eating disorder, please contact Kantor & Kantor, LLP. WE CAN HELP.