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Kantor & Kantor, LLP, LLP is honored to announce that Partner Lisa Kantor has been named this month’s “Real Deal Role Model,” a special recognition for her tireless strength in representing clients who have been denied treatment for eating disorders. Ms. Kantor sues health plans that refuse coverage for the treatment of eating disorders, or that agree to pay for treatment then deny benefits, forcing patients to be prematurely discharged.

We Are the Real Deal (WATRD) is a blog site providing empowering content on body image, healthy coping, nutrition, and self-esteem. Over 40 professionals with diverse backgrounds contribute to the message of self-acceptance; including body image bloggers, psychologists, therapists, poets, dancers, musicians, artists, yogis, martial artists and chefs. Since the introduction of the site in 2009, this space has transformed into an authentic and unique place to find facts and research about body image, information on media literacy and self-care, and empowering messages on the topics of eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, arts, mindfulness, healthy coping and wellness.

Ms. Kantor’s determination, passion, and ground breaking work leaves behind an atmosphere of empowerment, confidence, and change. Her devotion to this work, including educating others on how to best access treatment, has been an inspiration to many. Robyn Hussa Farrell, of WATRD and NORMAL CEO and Founder declared, “For her efforts to educate, to fiercely empower others, to help families and to give generously to the community, we award Lisa Kantor with this month’s Real Deal Role Model award.”

To learn more about this courageous leader, watch an excerpt from her interview on eating disorder treatment and insurance issues here.

For more information about Kantor & Kantor, LLP’s Eating Disorders Legal Assistance, follow this link: