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After Being Denied, Eating Disorder Patient Gets Treatment
After Being Denied, Eating Disorder Patient Gets Treatment It’s unfortunate that Amber Foster wasn’t able to get treatment without CBC News covering this story, despite her deteriorating health. It is admirable, however, that she ...

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Blog posts in December, 2011

  • Eating Disorder Patients Denied Treatment

    Canadian eating disorder patients are being denied treatment due to the chronicity of their condition. An eating disorder treatment program, at St. ...

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  • New Dawn Honors Lisa Kantor for Huge Victory

    As an indication that we are all in this fight together, New Dawn Eating Disorders Recovery Centers is bringing people together to celebrate in honor ...

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  • New IPhone App Used for Eating Disorder Recovery

    Managing the countless triggers, stressors, and challenges of recovery can be overwhelming and isolating. During the road to recovery, your needs will ...

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  • Speaking Out About Eating Disorders

    Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. One in two hundred women in the United States suffer from this disease. Eating ...

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  • Lifetime Television to Air Show About the Starving Secrets of Those with Eating Disorders

    Growing Pains’ Tracey Gold stars in a new reality show which steps into the mysterious lives of women who suffer from eating disorders. There are ...

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