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Health Insurance Benefits Are Illusory Without a Sufficient Network of Providers

Health insurance benefits are meant to cover the costs of necessary healthcare in the event of illness or injury. But what if your limited health insurance provider network makes the benefits impossible to obtain?More and more often we are seeing health insurance policies which have insufficient provider networks. If a health insurance policy provides benefits […]

UMR Denies Power Wheelchair to College Student With Cerebral Palsy

Spencer Hoff is a young college student with a diagnosis of congenital cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia. He is non-ambulatory and has used a power wheelchair for years. The power wheelchair is Spencer’s means of mobility, independence, and freedom.Spencer is a productive and independent college student because of the power wheelchair with a joystick to […]

What to Look for In Your Health Insurance Policy: Does Your Policy Provide Benefits for Out-of-Network or Out-of-State Benefits? part 1 of a 2-part blog series

The internet provides patients with the resources to locate healthcare providers anywhere in the world. But whether your health insurance pays benefits for treatment with a health care provider anywhere in the world is another issue. Patients are often unhappily surprised when they discover that their health insurance policy limits them to healthcare only within […]

Kantor & Kantor Achieves Another Victory in a Mental Health Benefits Case from Montana

In Jessica U. v. Health Care Service Corp., No. CV 18-05-H-CCL, 2020 WL 6504437 (D. Mont. Nov. 5, 2020), the court considered the residential treatment of Jessica, a 16-year-old with a long history of medical and mental health conditions. Jessica had a complicated history of gastric distress and illness which preceded her residential treatment by […]

HealthNow Required to Provide Coverage for Nutritional Counseling for Eating Disorders

The tide is turning on coverage for nutritional counseling for eating disorder patients. Many eating disorder patients are wrongfully denied coverage for nutritional counseling despite evidence that such treatment is an effective component for the treatment of eating disorders.On August 22, 2016, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced a settlement with HealthNow, New […]