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Handling Claims So You Can Grieve

Life Insurance Claims in Reno

Moving beyond the loss of a loved one requires ample time to grieve and reflect. Fighting with a stubborn insurance company who does not want to pay a dime in life insurance benefits will completely disrupt your healing process, though. Even if you know what needs to be done to make things right, you will not likely have the energy or headspace to do it.

Rather than putting yourself and your family through more stress, let Kantor & Kantor, LLP take over. Our Reno life insurance claim lawyers can elevate your case and fight tenaciously on your behalf. We do whatever it takes to make certain a client’s claim is properly handled and all benefits are provided as deserved.

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Why Would an Insurer Deny a Claim?

Life insurance companies are not out to make your life more difficult by denying a claim. But they are focused on saving themselves as much money as possible to boost their profits to the maximum, which could mean disregarding your life insurance claim without a valid reason.

What are some reasons to deny a life insurance claim?

  • Beneficiaries or claimants are not named in the relevant policy
  • Coroner determined the deceased committed suicide, invalidating the policy
  • Death was caused by an uncovered injury or illness
  • Deceased did not pay all monthly premiums before death

While all of the mentioned reasons could explain why a life insurance claim could be denied, the issues arise when they are denied for the wrong reasons. Our team of Reno life insurance attorneys focuses on claims that have been wrongfully denied, such as those that were denied but no reason was given. We are ready to challenge unfair denials in and out of court.

Overly Restrictive Policies

A life insurance policy with extremely restrictive clauses can be a problem in any situation. Such policies are called “one-sided” and unfairly give the majority of benefits to the insurer. If you are dealing with a one-sided life insurance policy, then we might be able to challenge it and convince the ruling authorities that the policy requirements should be rejected, and your claim should be approved by default.

What Is an Incontestability Clause?

In Nevada, life insurance policies are required to contain an incontestability clause that lasts two years. Under this clause, the insurer has the right to investigate any potential misrepresentations or mistakes made on the policy by the policyholder. For example, if a life insurance policy was approved but the policyholder intentionally did not mention that they engage in dangerous hobbies like skydiving, then the insurer could investigate the policy within two years, uncover the discrepancies, and retract the policy or deny death benefits.

Once the two-year statute of limitations expires, the policy becomes incontestable, even in the presence of misinformation. When intentional fraud is suspected, a court might extend the clause’s limit, but this is rare. Essentially, insurance companies have two years to uncover misinformation on a policy if they want to deny a claim because of that misinformation.

Attorney Glenn Kantor, California

Attorney Glenn R. Kantor

Glenn Kantor is a founding partner of Kantor & Kantor LLP. As a young attorney, Glenn saw the injustice of wrongful insurance denials and created a law firm to represent individuals seeking to obtain their rightful benefits. Glenn is committed to ensure that clients receive the benefits they are entitled to under their insurance policies or group health plans. [Attorney Bio]