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After turning to an experienced long term disability lawyer, Los Angeles residents can rest assured that their benefits will be pursued through all avenues of the legal system. Despite the relative rarity of a policy holder needing to collect on a long term disability policy, insurance providers still fight and often erroneously deny this type of insurance claim.

With the aid of an insurance lawyer, you can appeal a decision that you know to be unfair and take the insurance company to court if necessary. When in need of a long term disability lawyer, Los Angeles residents can turn to the experienced legal team at Kantor & Kantor, LLP.

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Common Reasons for Disability Denials

To begin, it is important to understand that not all long-term disability (LTD) claim denials are invalid or unjustified. In any insurance situation, there will be reasons for the insurance provider to deny a claim without breaking the contract or otherwise committing a violation.

Common reasons that disability claims are denied include:

  • Disability claim was submitted incomplete or not on time.
  • Claimant has disregarded medical treatment instructions.
  • Injury is not covered by the policy or is pre-existing.
  • No medical evidence exists to prove the disability’s extent.
  • Claimant makes too much income to qualify for LTD coverage.

With that said, don’t simply assume that your case is over because it has been denied by the insurance provider. It could be possible that the denial was unjustified, no matter how official the explanation for that denial sounds. When in doubt, you should always talk with an LTD attorney about your case and options.

Bad Faith in Long-Term Disability Claims

On the other hand, many long-term disability claims are denied for unjustified reasons. Some are even wrongfully denied by an insurance company representative who knows the denial shouldn’t be done, which is called insurance bad faith. If this happens to you, then you should pursue legal action against the insurer right away because you are probably facing an uphill legal battle soon.

Examples of LTD insurance bad faith include:

  • Denying a claim without providing any clear or valid reason.
  • Intentionally taking as long as possible to handle a claim.
  • Refusing to communicate with the claimant.
  • Offering benefits that are lesser than what the claimant is owed.
  • Threatening or otherwise verbally abusing the claimant.
  • Changing a policy’s clauses mid-term.

When you suspect that your LTD claim has been denied out of bad faith, then try to save copies of any communications you have with the insurer. Emails, letters, texts, etc. should all be saved and copied, so your attorney can review them for evidence of insurance bad faith.

Working With Our Experienced Long-Term Disability Team

Our attorneys have worked with clients on a broad range of insurance cases. In addition to providing legal representation when insurance companies have acted in bad faith and denied long term disability or care policies, we have also represented clients whose life and health insurance policies have been wrongfully denied. When searching for a long term disability lawyer, Los Angeles residents can count on the decades of experience that our team has acquired.

If you think that you've been denied disability, life, or long term health care benefits that you deserve, you can contact our attorneys today for a no-cost consultation. After reviewing your case, we can help you evaluate the legal remedies available to you.

Contact our office today to schedule a time to discuss your case with a long term disability lawyer.

Long-Term Disability FAQs

When does long-term disability end?

In most cases, long-term disability benefits are provided until the beneficiary’s disability improves to the point that they can find gainful employment again. If no such medical improvement is possible, then LTD benefits can be provided until the beneficiary is 65 years of age. At that point, LTD benefits can be replaced with retirement or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, depending on the beneficiary’s unique situation. Specific details of when your LTD benefits end will be included in your insurance policy or information packet.

Who needs long-term disability insurance?

Essentially, everyone should have some form of long-term disability insurance. You never know when you could suffer a serious injury or illness that prevents you from holding gainful employment. Whether you are employed full-time in an office or work contracted jobs at a construction site, you can benefit from LTD insurance. Talk to your employer if you have questions about your LTD insurance coverage.

Can I purchase long-term disability insurance?

Yes, you can purchase your own long-term disability insurance. You might need to buy your own policy if you aren’t provided it by your employer or if you are self-employed. Many major insurance companies like State Farm®, MetLife, and so on offer these policies to private purchasers.

Client Testimonials

  • “The team at Kantor and Kantor, particularly Andrew Kantor and his Intake Specialist Amy, have been kind to me, and patient with my many questions and concerns. In battling for disability benefits, they're versed in my illness which makes them not only bett”

    - Perry N.
  • Owners and HR Administrators are out of this world.

    - Carmen S.
  • “Fantastic communication great people. Very patient and understanding. Excellent results.”

    - Kevin B.

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