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California Property & Casualty Claim Lawyers

Wrongfully Denied Property & Casualty Claims

As a property owner, you likely have some sort of insurance coverage titled “property and casualty” coverage. In summary, property and casualty insurance is an umbrella term for insurance that covers property, not people. When the structure of your home or business is damaged or your belongings within are stolen or broken, your property and casualty insurance should trigger to cover the repair and replacement costs up to your policy limit. The keyword being “should” since so many insurance companies try to make using property and casualty insurance coverage difficult.

Kantor & Kantor, LLP is an insurance dispute law firm that represents policyholders in all corners of California who have been neglected by their insurance providers and experienced the wrongful denial of their claims. If your property and casualty claim was wrongfully denied after a fire or flood severely damaged or destroyed your home or business, then we want to hear from you. Using our extensive legal experience, we can challenge your insurance provider on your behalf, taking them to court for trial if necessary.

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When to Use Property & Casualty Insurance

In California, fire season is one of the most common reasons why property and casualty insurance claims are filed in large numbers. When a fire sweeps through a town after a dry spell, it can cause widespread devastation, often destroying entire structures. California has special insurance rules regarding homes lost in a wildfire, as set by the Department of Insurance, too. If your home was damaged or destroyed in a wildfire in January 2018 or later, then you have three years to file your property and casualty insurance claim, rather than the usual two years.

Natural disasters can continue to threaten and destroy homes after a fire season in California as well. In many regions, when fires burn away the brush down to the soil, the remaining barren ground becomes unusually slick. The next time it rains heavily, the water is not trapped in the brush or ground, but instead washes away swiftly, creating an elevated risk of flashfloods. For this reason, flooding is another common reason why California homeowners use their property and casualty insurance coverage.

Some property and casualty insurance policies can even be used to cover property damages that you experience due to criminal activity. For example, if a stranger vandalized or burglarizes your home, then your property and casualty insurance might be used to pay for repairs or missing items.

Important Rules Regarding Property & Casualty Insurance

The average property and casualty insurance policy is usually more complex and convoluted with insurance industry jargon than most people expect. Understanding all of the nuances and what each clause says and means can be too much when you also have to deal with the loss of your home. Rather than going into those details yourself, it might be more useful to get a quick review of key concepts and rules of property and casualty insurance policies.

Here are a few things every property and casualty insurance policyholder in California should know:

  • Initial insurance company offers to rebuild your home will likely be much less than the actual cost to fund the project entirely.
  • Any upgrades to your home during rebuild projects are not covered in the policy.
  • You need to give a list of all your destroyed property to your insurance company. The more detailed the list, the better.
  • Insurance companies offer “actual cash value” to reimburse you for destroyed possessions, like clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. This amount will reflect an item’s depreciated value, which will likely be much less than its actual or original value.
  • If you never replace a destroyed item or possession, then you will not receive any reimbursement for its value, so it is important to replace as much as you can.
  • Your insurance company might be responsible for locating and paying for temporary housing within your hometown while your house is rebuilt.

Why Do Insurers Deny Property & Casualty Claims?

Many homeowners who want to use their property and casualty insurance coverage do so after a devastating natural disaster entirely – or almost-entirely – destroys their home. By filing an insurance claim for this type of coverage, there is sure to be a large amount of damages requested. Insurance companies do not like paying policyholders, especially when it comes to significant sums.

Your insurance provider may deny your claim by overlooking the damage to your property and trying to downplay its severity. Or they may try to say that you were negligent in the upkeep of your property, which made it more vulnerable to a wildfire or flood. For example, if there was dry brush immediately adjacent to your property before a blaze, then your insurance company may try to spin that information into a case against you.

Don’t Fight Alone – Get Our Help

Insurance companies have teams of defense attorneys who are hired solely to save the company money by defending their claim denials in and out of court. You should not try to take such opposition on without the guidance or representation of an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer. This is where Kantor & Kantor, LLP can step in and take over. Our California property and casualty insurance claim attorneys know the common tricks and tactics of insurance companies who wrongfully deny claims, giving you confidence and insight at each step along the way.

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