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“I Will Fight for Every Wrongfully Denied Insurance Claim”

I started my legal career at a large law firm representing life and disability insurance companies in lawsuits brought by insureds whose claims had been denied. I acquired good litigation experience but it was gained at the expense of defending denials of insurance claims. I didn’t feel right using my skills as a lawyer to justify reasons to deny life and disability claims. I needed to make a change.

In 1992, I decided that I would no longer represent insurance companies. I started a small law firm representing insureds whose insurance claims were wrongfully denied. We started with only two lawyers and since then Kantor & Kantor has grown to a law firm of 18 lawyers

I am very proud of the fact that included among those 18 lawyers is my wife of 32 years and my eldest son who has decided to follow in his parents’ legal footsteps. Most of our lawyers have worked at Kantor & Kantor for more than a decade.

I am often asked by clients what I am most proud of about Kantor & Kantor. The answer is simple. We represent every client we can whose claim has been wrongfully denied, no matter the amount of money at issue. Our goal is to obtain justice, not merely to obtain the most money in legal fees.

Some lawyers decline to handle claims over what they perceive to be small amounts of money because it may not be financially lucrative to do so. I see more than the potential recovery. I see the individual client who needs help and the wrong that needs to be righted.

The denied $10,000 life insurance claim might result in a parent not having the funds to bury her child. The denied $500 per month long term disability benefit might be the difference between a parent being able to provide three meals a day for his child or keeping the roof over their heads.

From the many years of helping people, I understand that even what might seem like a small dispute can have dramatic impacts on our clients. Therefore, if the facts support the client, we will fight for them.

After three decades representing more than 4,000 individuals in their battles with their insurance companies, I still enjoy practicing law and I know without a doubt the reason my fire keeps burning is because I continue to get a thrill every time I get to call my clients and tell them we have won their case.

Client Testimonials

  • You have restored my faith in the goodness of people!

    “Thank you Glenn for accepting my case. I had all but given up on finding an attorney that was willing to take this case, and although you may not remember, I enclosed a note to you when I sent my [ins. co.] file asking you to please help me. You did that sir, and I can't thank you enough. My thanks to you Corinne for pursuing my case with vigor. I don't know much about how these legal things are handled, but I could tell by your communications with me, making sure I was always informed, that you were on top of it all. Also, you were ALWAYS available to me to answer questions, and your compassion for me and my situation is so much appreciated. I have had limited exposure to the legal system and attorneys, but I have never been able to just call and talk to them, as I could with you. I always had to speak with someone in the office that couldn't really answer my questions. My sincerest thanks and best wishes for you both You have restored my faith in the goodness of people!”

    Dick H.

  • Thank God for Kantor & Kantor.

    “Thank God for Kantor & Kantor and Denise Anderson. I appreciate everything you do!”

    Stephen Schaffer

  • I am a life you have touched. May God bless you richly.

    “After suffering with constant pain for nearly seven months, losing the job I loved and then being denied my long term disability, I was extremely discouraged when I began looking for help. With a few phone calls from Mr. Kantor to my insurance company, my long term disability was reinstated . The financial burden was lifted and I have hope again. I am a life you have touched. May God bless you richly.”

    Susan H.

  • With you in my corner, I felt enabled and no longer alone.

    “Seemingly at the end of my rope with nowhere to turn, a friend suggested I call the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, who referred me to you. From our first contact I began to feel hope where there had been none. You took over all communication with the insurance company. You kept me posted as things progressed and advised me as to each necessary action. What a relief you were! With you in my corner, I felt enabled and no longer alone. Some big insurance companies feel emboldened to take arbitrary action against those who do not have the resources to defend what is rightfully theirs. Thank goodness for people like you who advocate for folks in need. In closing, please know how very much our association has meant. You have restored my faith in the goodness of people and renewed my confidence in the future. I am forever grateful.”

    Shirley G.

  • Thank you a zillion times for your patience and time and absolutely helpful information.

    “Thank you a zillion times for your patience and time and absolutely helpful information. You've helped me understand my position with my disability insurance and payments so much better. There is some real comfort in feeling anchored in knowledge…of what is and what might be in the future. Thanks to you!”


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