Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • It starts off admirable, with a liberating message of self-love. Reading line by line, you feel empowered to ditch any lingering self-deprecation, you feel eager for (and entitled to) the approaching summer days of warmth and leisure. Special K's beautiful mantra of a "cover-up free summer" encourages body acceptance, self- love, and emphasizes the enjoyment of summer adventures ...
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  • A few years ago, I received a postcard in the mail from my health insurance company. It said something along the lines about how they "cared about my health" and would "always be there for me." The offending piece of paper cued a half-hour, f-word laden rant about the hypocrisy of such statements. When I was critically ill with my eating disorder, in an out of the ER several ...
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  • Weight Stigma: The Last Socially-Acceptable Prejudice

    || 17-May-2013

    Originally Posted on Gurze Eating Disorders Blogs A Unique Depiction of How One Woman Exposed Distorted Ideas Around Body Image, Weight, and Health By Lisa Kantor, Esq. & Rachel Teicher Kantor & Kantor, LLP, LLP I was traveling with students in Barcelona in the summer of 2011, walking through La Rambla, when I noticed two guys making fun of me. I could see them in the reflection of a ...
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  • Researchers from Johns Hopkins recently revealed interesting findings in weight bias, confirming what many people in larger bodies have known to be true for decades. Published in the medical journal Obesity, researchers studied interactions between 39 primary care doctors and more than 200 patients with high blood pressure. This group consisted of 120 obese patients (body mass index -B.M.I. of 30 ...
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  • You may have heard the recent chatter, panic even, within the mental health community surrounding The National Institute of Mental Health ( NIMH ) and its " abandonment of the DSM." After speaking to Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology (in Psychiatry) from Columbia University Medical Center, Rachel Marsh, Ph.D., this seemingly shocking and bold news revealed two important ...
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  • Challenge # 1: Understanding your policy Navigating through your policy, or simply sifting through documents from your insurance company, can be very tedious -- and even more so when you do not understand the "language." Becoming familiar with your policy can help you understand commonly used insurance terms and strengthen your proficiency when communicating with insurance companies. ...
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