BEDA Weight Stigma Awareness Week - Day 5: #CelebrateYou

Posted By Kantorlaw || 28-Sep-2012

Although today is the end of BEDA's Weight Stigma Awareness Week, it is only the beginning of our recognition of weight based discrimination, and reclaiming ways to dedicate ourselves to the work of challenging the bias and ending the stigma.

Our work begins here. As we step forward to make use of this week's reflections, think about challenging deceiving myths given to you by the media, dieting industry, and people around you. By internalizing the cultural bias of weight stigma, we place limitations upon ourselves and others.

"Start to look at fat in a new way without the current conditioned assumptions that are so commonly held by our society." (

Celebrate and embrace YOU; advocate and empower change.

Categories: Eating Disorders

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