Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Parity and Disparity Coast to Coast: A Case Study

    || 26-Mar-2012

    Merriam-Webster defines par◦i◦ty as, "the quality or state of being equal or equivalent." Derived from the Latin word for equal, paritas, its origin dates back to 1608. Such lineage, however, has done little to integrate the concept of parity into the vocabulary and mind set of the health insurance industry when it comes to approving treatment for biologically based severe mental ...
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  • Just a few months ago, a California district court ruled that the state's Mental Health Parity Act requires Blue Shield of California to pay for benefits for residential treatment for a client's major depressive disorder and panic disorder. This was the first case to apply the earlier landmark ruling, Harlick v. Blue Shield of California, which challenged coverage in a residential ...
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  • The fashion industry has received much criticism for the apparent trend of employing seemingly thinner and thinner models in fashion advertisements. The resulting unrealistic body images are believed to shape eating habits among young women, who look to the models as representations of the "ideal body." Accordingly, many believe the fashion industry has contributed significantly to the ...
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  • Someday… I'll eat breakfast. I'll keep a job for more than 3 weeks. I'll have a boyfriend for more than 10 days. I'll love someone. I'll travel wherever I want. I'll make my family proud. I'll make a movie that will change lives. On May 26 th, 2009, Melissa lost her life to a five year battle with an eating disorder. At the young age of 19, this ruthless battle ...
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