Blog Posts in January, 2012

  • It’s quite a contradiction that those responsible for paying for treatment of eating disorders are the least knowledgeable about the illness. Eating disorders are incredibly complicated and complex illnesses, which may require intense therapy in residential treatment facilities for as little as a month, or as long as several years. Eleven million Americans suffer from eating disorders, and ...
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  • Psychological health researcher Sian McLean published a study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology speaking of the significance of intervention, regardless of age. Mclean’s study included 61 women, ages thirty through sixty, who received 8 group sessions of CBT. This study proved to be effective, with the long term effects of intervention showing improvements in disordered ...
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  • Lisa Kantor was selected as an Attorney of the Year, in San Francisco legal newspaper The Recorder’s third annual list, recognizing the significant accomplishments of California attorneys who made headlines in 2011 for notable achievements in court or on a major deal. Ms. Kantor was honored for her win in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of client Jeanene Harlick, whom Blue ...
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  • Lisa Kantor Joins The Eating Disorders Coalition

    || 6-Jan-2012

    “On behalf of the EDC, I want to warmly welcome Lisa Kantor to our board. We have followed her impressive legal work on behalf of those suffering from eating disorders and are thrilled to have her on our team.” -Lisa Rachelle Lilenfeld, Ph.D. Board President Two great forces are coming together with admirable determination, lofty goals, and the vision of generating change. Lisa Kantor ...
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  • Experts Find That Eating Disorders Resurface In Adults

    || 6-Jan-2012

    Although eating disorders are generally thought of as a teen struggle, an increasing number of middle aged women are seeking out treatment for disordered eating that began in their youth. These women have either had an eating disorder when they were younger, or experienced some sort of disordered eating, and were never fully treated. When unhealthy eating patterns are determined during adolescent ...
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